Spiney Norman playlist for 08/10/2016

Boom Town Ratsdo the rat
king kurtdo the rat
young jessiesI smell a rat
white stripesI think I smell a rat
swimming pool q'srat bait
art attacksrat city
humpersyou dirty rat
bannedyou dirty rat
specialsrat race
the tearsrat race
the driftersrat race
alan shermanrat fink
roy haddock and the bopperrat fink
weirdoshey rat fink
korner stonesdoing the rat fink
los bendersrat fink
la panthersyou rat fink
misfitsrat fink
naked raygunrat patrol
wipersreturn of the rat
Quintron & Miss Pussycatfly like a rat
creampressed rat and warthog
Syd Barretrats
King Colemanalley rat
shit dogsrats in the tunnel
angry anglesblockhead*
useless eatersbunker*
Mock Orangechrome aligator*
Spray Paintdon't get sick*
feronialittle bird*
fuzz facearchie and the bunkers*