Spiney Norman playlist for 03/09/2016

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Mary Kate olsenPIZZA
Oliver OnionsPizza song
Norman Fox and the Rob RoysPizza Pie
neil allenpizza pizza pizza
phil irwinpizza pie
Dudley (a.k.a. H(idle) B(rown) Barnum)-El Pizza
lou montepizza boy
eddie rabbitTullahoma Dancing Pizza Man
liquor stourfree pizza
horror planetmy pizzaria
A.O.Dpizza and beer
Davie Allenrecycled too*
the killsm.e.x.i.c.o
fuzzrat race*
visitorselectric heatcease & desist*
The Ketaminesspaceships
ferlin huskeyeli the camel
johnny bondfive minute love affair
robert frippyou burn me up I'm a cigarette
jim nesbitti love them old nast cigarettes
freddy faulknercigarettes and matches
les paul and mary fordsmoke rings
Merle Travisso round, So Firm, So Fully Packed
the vikingsnicotine
roger millerking of the road
Comander Codysmoke that cigarette
Willie Weems And The Outlaws-Snuff Time
Marvin Jackson with The Sounds Of Country and Lefty LahayDippin' Snuff (Mar-Lee 1)
roland brunoEl Brujito Ramon*
syl johnsoni feel an urge*
U.F. Ojalaolento*
the black watchhe must needs go that the devil drives*