Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 06/14/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
박상원 (Sang Won Park) & Jason Kao Hwang아리랑 (Arirang)Local Lingo
김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)화인 (Hwa'in)For 2000 AD
김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)나의 사랑 천상에서도 (Nayeh Sarang Chunsangehsuhdoh)00:00:1998 Kyung-Ho Kim
자우림 (Jaoorim)망향 (Manghyang)04
T.A Copy파이팅 (Fighting)Que Sera Sera*
T.A Copy나는 뜨겁다 (Naneun Ddeugupdah)Que Sera Sera*
T.A CopyQue Sera SeraQue Sera Sera*
Simon Dominic포기해라, 마 (Pogihera, ma)I Just Wanna Rhyme
CB Mass나침반 (Nachimban)CB Mass
Dok2 ft. Willy Lee헛소리 (Husori)Illstrumentalz*
Answer낚어 (Nakguh)Rising*
Money ManMillion Dollar Money ManMillion Dollar Money Man
조PD (Cho PD)2U, Playa Hataz 2조PD (Cho PD) In Stardom Version 2.0

Happy Birthday Grandma :)

I am really excited to play more brand new releases for you. Tonight's show features new music from T.A Copy's 5th album, Dok2's 2nd, and Hip Hip group Answer's first release.

Tune in at 8 for another great selection of music from S. Korea.