Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 06/07/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Daybreak단발머리 (Tanbalmuhree)Urban Life Style
T.A Copy불끈 (Boolggeun)The Boxer
Crying NutLuxembourgOK목장의 젖소 (Mokjangeh Jutsoh)
Crying Nut서커스 매직 유랑단 (Circus Magic Yoorangdan)서커스 매직 유랑단 (Circus Magic Yoorangdan)
박완규 (Park Wan Gyu)Day Fly엽기발랄 (Yupgiballal)
박완규 (Park Wan Gyu)진심 (Jinshim)천년지애 (Chunnyunjiae)
김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)화인 (Hwa'in)For 2000 AD
NellDownLet's Take A Walk
Zitten별, 달, 밤 (Byul, Dal, Bam)Zitten
KiteJungle Fish후... (Hoo...)
Pink Elephant낭만가 (Nangmangah)Pink Elephant
Pink Elephant어리다 (Uhridah)Pink Elephant
T.A Copy320Super Star
Steady BPeer PressureSteady Lady*
Steady B ft. Vasco, Gehrith IsleLeft, RightSteady Lady*
Outsider ft. Basick, Carry.D of SwaggerCity HunterMaestro*
Outsider ft. 무웅 (Moo'oong) of 배치기 (Bae Chi Gi)피에로의 눈물 (Pierrot's Tears)Maestro*
리쌍 (Leessang)Yes. OkLeessang of Honey Family
주석 (Joosuc)Out of ControlWelcome To The Infected Area
Crying Nut오줌싸개 (Ohjoomssahgae [Bed-wetting]) GenerationOK목장의 젖소 (Mokjangeh Jutsoh)
Crying Nut명동콜링 (Myungdongkolling)OK목장의 젖소 (Mokjangeh Jutsoh)
T.A CopyMeiThe Boxer
KiteCruella후... (Hoo...)
Nemesis자각몽 (Jagakmong) (Lucid Dream)La Rose De Versailles
T.A Copy김두한 (Kimdoohan)Fly High

2 hours featuring brand new releases from speed rapper Outsider and female hip hop artist Steady B