Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 05/16/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
The Mothers Of Inventionhelp i'm a rockfreak out
The Mothers Of Inventionthe return of the son of monster magnetfreak out
your dj speaks
the vaselinesmolly's lipsenter the vaselines (deluxe edition)*sub pop
muzon the sunbanana in portuguese
black diceuntitledrepo*paw tracks
the skatersuntitledpavilionous miracles of circular facet dice
strange boys and girls clubshould have shot pauls/t*in the red
your dj speaks
the replacementsanswering machine (solo home demo)let it be (remastered and expanded)
the black lipsbig black baby jesus of today200millionthousand*vice
butthole surfersjohn e. smokehairway to steven
unknownradio jaipurradio india:the eternal dream of soundsublime frequencies
gang of fourhe'd send in the army100 flowers bloom (box set)
your dj speaks
albert aylerchange has comealbert ayler in greenwich villageimpulse
condo fuckswhat'cha gonna do about itfuckbook*matador
richard pinhaspart 1l'ethique
yma sumacsuray suntathe ultimate...
antony and the johnsonsepilepsy is dancingthe crying light
your dj speaks
tv sex starlow blood sugars/t
edie sedgwickmichael j foxher love is real, but she is not*dischord
le facepull my triggerisolation*
the ponyswe shot the worldcelebration castle
pj harvey & john parishpig will nota woman a man walked by*island
black eyescommencementcough
bauhausgod in an alcoves/t(request)
devoturn aroundfreedom of choice
your dj speaks
lights out!just one step from paradisedestroy-create*Dead Beat
canmary, mary so contrarymonster movie
Last Exitsore tittieslast exit cassette recordings
drukns with gunsnew wave negro girls/t
hawkwindbrainstormdoremi fasol latido
bobby beausleilpart vilucifer rising soundtrack