On Air

Music for a New Republic playlist for 03/15/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
magik markersuntitledbook as symbol of 8 precious things/hand of the creator
i fantomaticicrockabillyspaghetti surf*green cookie
your dj speaks
daniel johnstonlive and let diewhy me?
pink fairiesdo itnever never land
bobby beausleilpart Ilucifer rising soundtrack
insect surfersmojavesatellite beach*green cookie
moody wallen phatasm banduntitledsoda pop*archway (local)
your dj speaks
canmighty girlpeel sessions 73-75
the bad plusfemfor all i care*do the math records
michael chionvariationsrequiem
Ted Leo/Pharmaciststimorous methe tyranny of distance(request)
your dj speaks
black timescary peopledouble negative*in the red
unknownunititledforbidden gang funk fro rio de janierosublime frequencies
sun city girlscarl the barberlibyan dream - carnival folklore resurrection vol. 7
The Microscopic Septetlobster leaps inLobster Leaps In*cuneiform records
michael yonkersya all come runnin' backit's only yonkers
your dj speaks
condo fucksaccidentfuckbook*Matador
reatardsi'm downfuck elvis here's the reatards
your dj speaks
marc mcguiregardens of eternal lifethe garden of eternal life
brian enoI'll come runningAnother Green World
mi amiwhite wifewatersports*Touch & Go
sun ra and his arkestrablue intesitynuclear war
Antony & The Johnsonsdaylight in the sunthe crying light*Secretly Canadian
bobby beausleilpart VIlucifer rising soundtrack

Half of the playlist is missing due to some kind of playlist/macintosh malfunction. Most likely my fault. Sorry folks.