Music for a New Republic playlist for 02/15/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
Arrington de Dionysnopluto in capricorni see beyond the black sun*k records
your dj speaks
mi amiechononechowatersports*Touch & Go
black eyesdeformativeblack eyesdischord
cancan-caninner space
animal collectivealso frightenedMerriweather Post Pavilion*Domino
hackamore brickzip gun womanone kiss leads to another
your dj speaks
flying lizardsmanderlay songs/t
birdsongs of the mesozoicbridge underwaterdawn of the cycads*Cuneiform
peter j robbinsyou're all the love that i have gotsolo*
the hunchesate my teethexit dreams*in the red
final solutionssurfin' with raj kumar and veerappan7"
your dj speaks
vivian girlswild eyeswild eyes 7"
psychedlic horseshitnew wave hippiesmagic flowers droned
pumiceceremonial knivesthe great koonaklaster speaks: a john fahey celebration
radio birdmanaloha steve and dannoessential radio birdman
i fantomaticibanana beachspaghetti surf*green cookie
the replacementsi will darelet it be (reissue)
submarine racesrockin' beehard to look at easy to see*in the red
your dj speaks
marc mcguirea rainbow's journey/something that's troubling youthe garden of eternal life
the linesbucket brigadeflood bank*acute records
joy divisiondisorderunknown pleasures
squarepusherdelta-vjust a souvenir*warp
crash worshiphanged manthe science of ecstacy
L'Evasionimages of avant-quartle dernier jour d' uncondamne
your dj speaks
mouthusliving on the alwayssister vibration
narcotic dreamsone lifeless eyeshattered
no neck blues band w/ john fahey & coachfingersovercomethe great koonaklaster speaks: a john fahey celebration
people like us & ergo phizmizfat henry's mamboperpetuum mobile*
richard youngssonar in my soulthe naive shaman
your dj speaks
the necksfatalchemist
the hospitalshairdryer peace