On Air

Music for a New Republic playlist for 01/18/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
birdsongs of the mesozoictheme from rocky and bullwinkledawn of the cycads*
the honkiest/thow do we prevent the advance of the desert
your dj speaks
black timehostile cosmosdouble negative*
yes senseii only gamble with chumpss/t*
the hunchesate my teethexit dreams*
ami mariewir sind zufriedanverr, ckt nacht gl, ck
your dj speaks
col. knowledge and the lickity splitssomeday there will come a timefall in love all over again with ...*
mark sultanwarpathsultanic verses
jay reatardan ugly deathmatador singles '08*
harry pussyfuckologywhat was music?
asmus tietchensrosenkranzaus freude am elend
neutral milk hoteloh comelyin the aerplane over the sea
your dj speaks
the punksrock and roll punks rock rock and rollthank you for the alternative rock*
man or astromanjoker's wilddestroy all astromen!!
submarine racesbring your girlfriendhard to look at and easy to see*
joy divisionshadowplayunknown pleasures
the linescome homeflood bank*
your dj speaks
bad statisticscurtainslucky town gone
antony and the johnsonsshake that devilanother world*
the gentleman callersit's all in your minddon't say what it is
mick milkpoint of purchasesongs for citizens
arrington de dionysoimagination insnaredi see beyond the black sun*
optiganally yoursguitar songexclusively talent maker
the bodies obtainedhear & believefrom the top of my tree*
your dj speaks
reversible cordschanges/t
i fantomaticisputnikspaghetti surf*
psylonsthe cutpsylons is golden
mystery girlscool it in controlicontinopia
marnie sternsteelythis is it...*
your dj speaks
nick riffno sleep tonightfrom the heart of oblivion
la kuizinesubliminalstrafics split 10" w/ faust
tobaccoberries that burnfucked up friends*
bradburynectar of instructionruffini corpuscle
Medeski Martin & Woodfree go lilyRadiolarians 1*
volcano the bearurchins at the harpguess the birds
your dj speaks
moondogmoondog monologuethe viking of 6th ave
moody wallen banddear carolcarol maldoror*archway (local)
the mutantsmambo mutantss/t*