Clam Radio playlist for 09/28/2013

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Elton JohnDiving BoardDiving Board*
Proctor and BergmanSweeten HistoryProctor and
TabaccoSugar Is The DevilArtifacts For The Dubiousf/x
Nigey LennonTit ElationReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records
Zappa Beefheart MothersAdvanced RomanceBongo FuryRyko Disc
Nigey Lennon and Candy ZappaYer Wife Don't Like MeReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records
Steely DanChain LightningKaty LiedMCA
Captain Beefheart And His MagicFloppy Boot StompShiny BeastVirgin
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandPachuco CadvaverTrout Mask ReplicaStraight
Jimmy Carl Black & Candy ZappaStolen CadillacReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records
Martin MullLicks Off Of RecordsMulling It
Nigey LennonThe Idiot Bastard Son20 Extraoridinary RenditionsCordelia
Nigey LennonJihadReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records
Nigey LennonJihad (Original Version)Reinventing The Wheel ReinventedMuffin Record
Bonzo Dog BandAli Baba's CamelCornology Vol. 1
Bonzo Dog BandTubas In The MoonlightCornology Vol. 1
Jay RozenSofa3 Zappa Songs For Tuba
Jay RozenPeaches En Tuba3 Zappa Songs For Tuba
Jay RozenTuba Flip
Nigey LennonPirates Of Old NorthportReinventing The Wheel*Muffin Records
Monty PythonAccountancy ShantyMonty Python SingsArista
Martin MullMenI'm Everyone I've Ever LovedABC Records
Nigey LennonCan Ya Do ItReinvnenting The Wheel ReinventingMuffin Records
Steely DanSail The Waterways4 song EPABC Records
Robert Shaw ChoraleWhat Shall We Do With A Drunken SailorSea Shanties
Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss,Indianapolis StoryJawsMCA
Robert Shaw ChoraleGoodbye Fare Ye WellSea Shanties
Nigey LennonBrain Tap ShuffleReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records
Nigey LennonCalle Sin NombreReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records
Nigey LennonMesmerized CowboyReinventing The Wheel Reinvented*Muffin Records

Nigey Lennon and Eric Weaver are my Guests. We talk shop, sports and of course the newly released Reinventing The Wheel Reinvented.