Clam Radio playlist for 09/05/2013

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Frank DeVolMy Three SonsTV's Greatest Hits
Peter KearnsOne Of These DaysNo Such Thing As Time
TabaccoUnending WaltzPersonally Speaking*f/x
Susan DeVitaOther Half Of My SoulKarma Sutra Rodeo*
Counter Clock Wise EnsembleBeginning Of The DayCounter Clock Wiseep*
Counter Clock Wise EnsemblePassing The TorchCounter Clock Wise ep
Frank ZappaTink Walks AmokThe Man From Utopia
Al StewartThe Year Of The CatBest Of Al Stewart
ZSong For SMusic For Pets
ZFather TimeMusic For Pets
Bob NewhartDriving InstructorsFrom The Button Down Mind Of
Mike KeneallyPlumYou Must Be This Tall*Exowax
Mike KeneallyCornbread CrumbYou Must Be This Tall*Exowax
Mike KeneallyKidzapunkYou Must Be This Tall*Exowax
John TabaccoA Page In in Pogs 5 Subject NotebookIt's Out There Feeding On Itself
Monty PythonWhat Have The Romans Done For UsLife Of Brian
Livingston TaylorGrand Ma's HandUltimate Demonstration
Ringo StarrInstant AmnesiaVertical Man
ZappaFine GirlCrush All Boxes

Susan and I ruminate about today's biggest stories and try not to mention the word "Old".
Happy birthday's to Al "Time Passages" Stewart, The studious Dweezil Zappa and American comedic icon Bob Newhart.