Clam Radio playlist for 04/14/2013

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Frank ZappaI'm On DutyMunich 1978 OuttakeYoutube
Mothers Of InventionOh NoWeasel's Ripped My FleshZappa Records
Frank ZappaDancin' FoolSheik YerboutiZappa Records
Jean Luc PontyAmerica Drinks And Goes HomePonty Plays The Music Of Frank ZappaLiberty
Mothers Of InventionAmerica DrinksAbsolutely FreeRyko Disc
Frank ZappaAny Kind Of PainBroadway The HardwayRyko Disc
Frank ZappaBabetteYCDTOSA 1Ryko Disc
Mothers Of InventionBow Tie DaddyWe're Only In It For The MoneyRyko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Massive Improvelance (excerptThingfishRyko Disc
Frank ZappaHoney Doncha Wanna Man Like MeHybrid MixRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDirty Love / Magic FingersYCDTOSA 6Ryko Disc
Zappa / Beefheart/ MothersCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo FuryRyko Disc
Mothers Of InventionLonely Little GirlWe're Only In It For The MoneyRyko Disc
Frank ZappaFor The Young SophisticateTinsel Town RebellionRyko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Mammy NunsThingfishRyko Disc
Mothers Of InventionHungry FreaksFreak OutRyko Disc
Frank ZappaWind Up Working At A Gas StationZoot AlluresRyko Disc
Mothers Of InventionWeasels Ripped My FleshWeasels Ripped My FleshRyko Disc
Frank ZappaIt Must Be A CamelHot RatsZappa Records
Frank ZappaI Just Might Be A One Shot Deal-Waka JawakaWaka jawakaZappa Records
Frank Zappainro11-21-74 Chicago
Howlin' WolfGoin' Down Slowsingle
Zappa Beefheart MothersDebra KedabraBongo FuryRyko Disc
The Mothers w. Flo & EddieWho Are The Brain Police11-15-70 Paris, France
Frank ZappaSleep DirtSleep DirtRyko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Ocean Is The Ultimate SolutionSleep DirtRyko Disc
Frank ZappaEat That QuestionThe Grand WazooZappa Records
Frank ZappaJoe's GarageJoe's GarageRyko Disc
Frank ZappaCatholic GirlsJoe's GarageRyko Disc
Frank ZappaBrown Moses / The Evil PrinceYCDTOSA Vol. 1Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaExcentrifugal ForzApostropheRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDoreenCrush All BoxesUnreleased
Frank ZappaFine GirlCrush All BoxesUnreleased
Frank ZappaIn The Newts We Got200 MotelsUnited Artists
Frank ZappaI Left My Heart In San FranciscoBest Band You Never HeardRyko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Torture Never StopsBest Band You Never Heard In Your LifeRyko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Torture Drum SoloBuffalo 1980Ryko Disc
Grand FunkOut To Get YouGood Singin Good PlayinMCA
Mothers Of InventionCrusin' For BurgersUncle MeatRyko Disc
Mothers Of InventionSome Ballet MusicThe ArkBootleg
Frank Zappa on Writing MusicMo and Herb's Vacation (edite)LSO Vol. 1Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaMagic Fingers200 MotelsUnited Artists
Frank ZappaNancy & Mary MusicChunga's RevengeRyko Disc
Frank ZappaWhich One Is It?-Republicans-Do Not Pass GoGuitar
Patrick Buzby Interviewfrom
Frank ZappaEnvelopes-Drum Solo-Disco Boy2-5-78 Bern, Switzerland
Frank ZappaBlack Napkins3-4-76 Berlin, Germany
Zappa and The MothersInca Roads5-12-74 South Bend, IN
Mothers Of InventionDog Breath (Instrumental)SingleUnreleased
Frank ZappaThe ClapChunga's RevengeZappa Records
Frank ZappaRudy Wants To Buy Yez A DrinkChunga's RevengeZappa Records
Frank ZappaFilthy HabitsSleep DirtZappa Records
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionAndyOne Size Fits AllRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDrowning WitchShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchRyko Disc
Frank Zappa And The MothersZomby WoofOvernight SensationRyko Disc
Frank ZappaGreggery Peccary ExcerptStudio Tan
Frank ZappaPenguins In BondageRoxy, Does Humor Belong MusicRyko Disc
Frank ZappaAndanteFrancesco Zappa
L ShankarTouch Me ThereTouch Me ThereZappa Records
Frank Zappa w. L. ShankarThirteenYCDTOSA Vol.6
Frank ZappaFrogs With Dirty Little LipsThem Or Us
Frank ZappaNight SchoolJazz From Hell
The GTOsThe Captain's Fat Theresa ShoesPermanent Damage
Layla ZoeLucille Has Messed My Mind UpYou Tube
The Mothers w. Flo & EddieTears Began To FallFillmore East June 1971
The Mothers Of InventionI'm Not SatisfiedCruisin' With Ruben & The Jets
Frank Zappa & Les Carterscratches & dedications11-27-68 KPPC-FM
The Mothers Of InventionValarieBurnt Weeny Sandwich
Frank Zappa The Mothers John LennonWell-AwkPlayground Psychotics
Frank Zappa & Tom Donohue, Ewan McCallintro-The Handsome Cabin Boy11-10-68 KSAN-FM
The Mothers Of InventionThe Handsome Cabin BoyThe Lost Episodes
Captain Beefheart & Frank ZappaOrange Claw Hammer1975 Radio Broadcast
Captain Beefheart & Frank ZapaMetal Man Has Won Histhe Lost Episodes
Frank ZappaMerely A Blues In AZappa Plays Zaooa
Frank Zappa And The MothersApproximateYCDTOSA Vol. 2
Frank ZappaThe Black PagesVarious
Frank ZappaThe Illinois Enema BanditZappa In NYRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDumb All OverYou Are What You IsRyko Disc
Frank ZappaHeavenly Bank AccountYou Are What You IsRyko Disc
Frank ZappaSuicide ChumpYou Are What You IsRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDuke Of Orchestral PrunesOrchestral FavoritesRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDong Work For YudaJoe's GarageRyko Disc
Frank ZappaLuigi & The Wise GuysThe Man From UtopiaRyko Disc
Frank ZappaYellow Snow SuiteApostropheRyko Disc
Frank ZappaOrange County Lumber Track SuiteMake A Jazz Noise HereRyko Disc
Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackeran, Paul Humphrey, Ruth Underwood, Chester ThompsonProud Of The Band-The Black PageDrummer's RoundtableRyko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Black PageZappa In New York vinyl mixRyko Disc
Frank ZappaWhat's New In Baltimore?Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of PreventionRyko Disc
The Mothers Of InventionAnythingCruisin' With Ruben & The JetsZappa Records
MothersMontanaOvernight Sensation
Frank ZappaCocaine DecisionsMan From UtopiaRyko Disc
Mothers Of InventionTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceWe're only in it for the moneyRyko Disc
The MothersEddie Are You KiddingJust Another Band From LARyko Disc
Frank ZappaPunky's WhipsBaby SnakesRyko Disc
Frank ZappaSociety Pages etc...Crush All Boxes
The SmegmatesWill You Drink My Water?Zappa Beefheart Radio Show
Banned From UtopiaSolitudeDemo
Frank ZappaNone Of The AboveYellow SharkRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDown In the DewLatherRyko Disc
Zappa/MothersCheepnisRoxy and ElsewhereRyko Disc
The Mothers Of InventionIgor's Boogie, Phase Two-Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown, Aybe SeaBurnt Weeny SandwichRyko Disc
Frank ZappaBig Leg EmmaZappa In New YorkRyko Disc
Frank ZappaWhy Does It Hurt When I Pee?YCDTOSA #3Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaThe Gumbo VariationsHot RatsZappa Records
Frank ZappaRoad LadiesChunga's RevengeZappa Records
Frank ZappaWonderful WinoZoot AlluresRyko Disc
Frank ZappaHot Plate Heaven At The Green HotelDoes Humor Belong In MusicRyko Disc
Frank ZappaPurple Haze-Sunshine Of Your LoveThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeRyko Disc
Frank ZappaG Spot TornadoJazz From HellRyko Disc
Frank ZappaPut A Motor In YourselfCivilization Phase 3Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy ThemeLumpy GravyRyko Disc
Frank ZappaTitties and BeerBaby SnakesRyko Disc
Mothers Of InventionIt Can't Happen HereFreak OutRyko Disc
Frank ZappaWater Mellon In Easter HayJoe's GarageRyko Disc

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