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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 09/04/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Shut DownsStraight Away7"Kar Song
Carl NewmanTom-Tom7"Trio
Bobby Roberts w/the High Pocket Delta RocketsBig Sandy7"Sky
Roy GainesSkippy Is A Sissy7"RCA-Victor
MasonicsTruth Will Out7"Circle
Cochran BrothersSlow DownSomething ElseBear Family
Swingin' NeckbreakersLittle Bitty CorrineLive For BuzzTelstar
Grand TrineI Am A MagnetSunglassesDivorce
Eddie KirklandI Tried7"Lu Pine
Buddy Sharpe & the ShakersJump Into The River7"Bishop
Night Raiders feat. Mickey HawksScreamin' Mimi Jeanie7"Profile
Bloodshot BillBurnin' UpFull BlastSin
ObliviansCannonballSoul FoodCrypt
IntellectualsRecycle No. 1Black Domania NowHate
Beep Beep & the Road RunnersTrue Love Knows7"Vincent
Roy JuniorVictim Of Circumstances7"Hickory
Wylde MammothsAin't No UseThings That MatterCrypt
Loveless CousinsTonight Is The Right Time7"Sleazy
Phil CamposStreet Fight7"Impact
Impo & the TentsNthing To Say7"Push My Buttons
Vox PopJust Like Your Mom7"Bad Trip
David ArvedonI Ain't Noted For ThatBest Of Vol.3Mighty Mouth
Docent DodSolgasoogons/tSonet
Spelling MistakesI Want YouWe Still Hate The...no label
Young Fresh FellowsAnother Ten ReasonsTiempo De LujoYep Rock
Blitz BoysEddy;s New Shoes7"Told You So
White PagesPlease Kill Them7"Can't Stand Ya
Jehosaphat BlowOoga BoogaNatural High For Low PeopleCold Slice
Jackie & the CedricsSuprise SlidePresenting...Norton
DonkeysYou Jane7"Back Door
UV RaceUV Races/tTerminal Picnic
XIt Must Be Me/Coat Of GreenX-AspirationsX
RazarTask Force7"Able Label
Three Two OnesMy Bonesdemono label
SoupcansPop Hit IIIVintage Pizza Partyno label
Armitage ShanksAmbulanceShank's PonyDamaged Goods
White LoadBarbara Fuck YouWayne's World 3/Godfather 4Load
Missing MonumentsAnother Girl7"Hozac
White WiresI Need Your Love7"Total Punk
M.O.T.O.She's Gone NutsNo Way StreetSvart
Golden PelicansJump In A Lake7"Total Punk
006Like What, Me Worry?7"Harlequin
Green HornetsSamanthaGet The BuzzAlopecia
MakersI'm Not A Social Kinda Guys/tEstrus
Superfly TNT'sShe's Comin' Around7"Real
No TalentsGimme Whipped Cream100% No TalentWild Wild
Foster CareDon't Want To/Don't Need ToBad Vibe CItyJack Shack
Black TimeYou Make Me/Glass Shatterssplit w/Ty SegallTelephone Explosion
Warm SodaReaction7"Southpaw
ReactionsMarianneSaturday's Gone WIldCheap Rewards
Circle XLook At The People7"no label
Bits Of ShitRock SingCut SleevesHomeless
Midnite SnaxxxHere And Nows/tRed Lounge
NubsI Don't Need You (Cause I Got Me)7"NCS
GG Allin & the JabbersUnpredictableAlways Was, Is And Always Shall BeOrange
Flesh LightsNo No No7"Super Secret
Puffy AreolasBy The Hand1982 Dishonorable DischargeHozac
LiveFastDiePracticing For The Gang Bang7"Total Punk
RamonesCommandoLeave HomeSire
Count VertigoI'm A Mutant7"Cool
SurgeonsIn My Scope7"Total Punk
Morning ShakesDope And Dog Food7"Cacaphone
Fake SurferRip Offs/tFlesh Wave
Lost SoundsNo CountThe Lost LostGoner
FU2Move AroundPunk RockLe Treteaux
Mighty CaesarsLoathsome n' WildPunk Rock ShowcaseHangman
VydelsWhat I'm Gonna Do7"Garnet
Party BatAll The Kids Are Dead7"Tic Tac Totally
222sFirst To Third RoundShe Wants RevengeRave Up
Useless EatersAgoraphobic7"Goodbye Boozy

loathsome n' wild