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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 08/28/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Jive KingsJohnny Machine7"Lu
Jim HowardJimbo Twist7"Love Joy
Jack & the RipperzHeart Attack7"Perfection
Jerry & the CasualsBattle Of Three Blind Mice7"Morris Music
James GallagherFord And A Shaker7"B&G
Gene Vincent & his Blue CapsRace With The Devil7"Capitol
Tex NeighborsRock And Roll Dot7"Emerald
Bloodshot Bill & the FirejacksBongo Beatin' BabeFull BlastSin
Billy PerkinsCampus Cutie7"Alco
Al & NettieSan Francisco Twist7"Gedinsons
Original StarfiresFender Bender7"Pace
Night RidersPretty Plaid Skirt (Long Black Socks)7"Sue
CuriosChicken Back part 17"Curio
Bo DiddleyGonna Tell It Like It Is...Is An Outlaw'Checker'
Dave Travis & the PremiersI Don't Like Him7"Baghdad
Mel McGonnigleRattle Shakin' Mama7"Rocket
Frantics FourTV Mama7"Gulfstream
Myron Lee & the CaddiesHomicide7"Hep
M.O.T.O.Blast Of SilenceNo Way StreetSvart
Fine LinesFeelin' Fines/tLicorice Tree
Missing MonumentsBleed7"Hozac
222sAcademic DropShe Wants RevengeRave Up
Ivy GreenI Got To Get To Yous/tPogo
No Tomorrow Boys(You Gotta) Romeo It7"Rapid Pulse
UV RaceUp Yourss/tTerminal Picnic
X-DiscosNeedles And Pins7"Episode Sounds
EaterNo BrainsThe AlbumThe Label
Spelling MistakesHate Me Hate Me7"Propeller
PicturesKicks And TipsTotal Pop!no label
NonesDefecating Gray7"Hozac
Future PrimitivesTry Something That's Really YouThis Here's The...no label
Jehosaphat BlowShe Doesn't Give A FuckNatural High For Low PeopleCold Slice
Home BlitzSecret WaveFrozen TrackMexican Summer
Manic DepressivesSilence On The Radiosplit w/0:30 Second FlashRerun
TranzmitorsWriting's On The Wall7"React
Black Time2 Or 3 Things I Know About HerNew Vague ThemesP.Trash
Primitive HeartsPrimitive Heart7"No Rules!
RazarStamp out Disco7"Able Label
Bad AchesCheapskate7"Every Night Is A Saturday Night
HomostupidsScrewry Turkey/In His Basement7"Hozac
JewwsI Need Your Lovin' (But I Don't Need You)7"Alien Snatch
Shonen KnifeGhost TrainPop TuneGood Charamel
Foster CarePsychedelic ScumbagBad Vibe CityJack Shack
Grand TrineI Need You Baby7"Almost Ready
Rocky & the RiddlersFlash And Crash7"Panorama
Acid EatersPretty Girls7"Acid Eater
LiveFastDiePracticing For The Gang Band7"Total Punk
Midnite SnaxxxYou Kill Me7"Goner
ABC 80sPop I RadionTotal Pop!no label
Lost SoundsI Get Nervous part 1The Lost LostGoner
BagsWe Will Bury YouAll Bagged UpArtifix
Scrotum PolesPut An End To It AllAuchimithie FeverDulc-I-Tone
Queer PillsThe Todd Killings7"Homophobic
Ricky C QuartetSmall Species7"Rapid Pulse
Wrong WordsSummer's Gones/tTrouble In Mind
White WiresCrazy Crazy7"Total Punk
Golden PelicansHard Head7"Total Punk
RegistratorsFall In Love1995 Demo Sessionsno label
SquishRabies Is A Killer7"Hozac
Sex ObjexDelete This ProgramUnprotected SexFlesh Wave
KillersBad Newss/tAriola
Spencey Dude & the DoodlesSome GirlsNight ProblemsCalifornia Clap
SpitsDrop OutSpits ISlovenly
Bits Of ShitTally's WorldCut SleevesHomeless
Paper BagsMommi, I'm A Misfit7"Rapid Pulse
Personal & the PizzasBrain Damage7"Oops Baby
SaintsDemolition Girl(I'm) StrandedSire
Switch TroutLipstick On Your CollarEternally Ours1+2
Nazi Death CampIt's Wartime Baby7"Red Lounge
Loli & the ChonesEverybody Hates MeRock And Roll GenocideRepent
OutdoorsmenI Got A TemperShit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid BrainRed Lounge
BadsFeel Real Stupids/tBrad X

pop i radion