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Why Anything Radio playlist for 01/22/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
2012 dubstep mix*
swedish house mafiaantidote (knife party dub)*
2012 end-of-the-world dubstep mix*
leonfreekjan 2012 dubstep remix*
End of Set 1 (dubstep)
dem two ft kidd kignorant s****
killa kmad amount of food*
iBE LB & WATTZcan't tell me nothing*
street soulssmash n grab*
l dot man and big narstie ft kameleonno fear*
jme96 f********
squeeksbig squeeko (rose clique remix)*
nico lindsay ft kwam obese darkosis that what he did*
footsie1 spliff*
devilmanget mad*
discardarhyme on*
manga ft brazen, discarda, riko, breeze flowdanno mc*
Gi3MOmail bomb*
lee brascokeep up*
voltageremember me*
maxsta ft l. marshallspit fire*
dj cameo tv d double e ft smurfie sycobe like me*
ghettsvenomous tongue*
jammer x imzpush weight*
End of Set 2 (uk grime)
kikaruudatakineta ep*www.archive.org

dj ev fill-in