Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/05/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Pseudo Slang & Trucker Stroecool letterman#15(4 woc)*
Outerspace (Planetary + Crypt the Warchild) feat. Apathyget ridiculous#14(1 woc)*brand new
Al-J (of Blak Madeen) feat. Keith Murray; Reef The Lost Cauze; Sam Scottcold blooded#13(3 woc)*
nightwalkerhiphop history 101#12(2 woc)*
Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Browndollar bill hill#11(4 woc)*
Timbo King feat. William Cooper (of Black Market Militia)From Babylon To Timbuktu#10(1 woc)*brand new
Rasheed Chappell feat. DJ Scratchwhat im here for#9(6 woc)*
Bronze Nazareth (of Wisemen) feat. Rza (of Wu-Tang Clan)fresh from the morgue#8(2 woc)*
apathy feat. Celph Titledstop whatcha doin#7(2 woc)*
oxygenbrilliance#6(1 woc)*brand new
Mood (Donte + Main Flow + Jahsonenvy#5(5 woc)*
Outerspace (Planetary + Crypt the Warchild) feat. Blacastan; Esotericbodega gospel#4(2 woc)*
Al-J feat. Jeru The Damajafood for thought#3(3 woc)*
DJ Doom feat. Prince Po (of Organized Konfusion); Large Professor (formerly of Main Source)classic hiphop#2(4 woc)*
Timbo King feat. R.A. The Rugged Manhigh rankin#1(2 woc)*

this week we counted down the top 15 underground boom bap joints plus we did a reks showcase and had a ill freestyle session watch it back at