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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 05/24/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
MagnetixGone Gone CrazyThe Magnetix Amazing First Album*Crazy Love
GizmosHuman Garbage Disposal7"Gulcher
Piccadilly BullfrogsNo Time To LoseHoppers, Boppers And Rockers*Rhythm Bomb
Jackie & the CedricsTV Hop7"Hillsdale
Milton AllenDon't Bug Me Baby7"RCA Victor
TwerpsDance Alones/tNight People
Black Jaspers21st Century Poxs/tIn The Red
Nashville RamblersThe Trains7"*UT
RizlazRockin' At The Space City7"Thousands
Moralens VaktareKungens Fasad7"*Ken Rock
Bozo RatliffRock Along Time7"Space
BuzzInsanity7"*Redball/Sing Sing
Rockin' Lloyd Tripp & the ZipgunsLonesome TeardropsThat Crazy New Sound*Uranium
MoongoonersMoongoon Twist7"Donna
SlugsProblem Child7"Whiplash
QuintronAll Night Right Of WaySucre Du Sauvage*Goner
Bloodshot BillA Girl i Don't KnowThunder And Lightning*Norton
Side-WyndersSweet DreamsRompin' And Stompin' With...Bop N Stomp
Rudy PrestonFour Tired Car7"Kotana
Dave & Deke ComboWarm Lips (Big Trouble)Moonshine MelodiesNo Hit
NormalsDon't Pick MeVacation To Nowhere*Last Laugh
No WayTV Pox7"Our Own
Scrotum PolesRadio Tay7"*One Tone/Dulc-I-Tone
PupilsDestroys/t*Les Disques Steak
GG KingWantEsoteric Lore*Rob's House
Johnny Notebook & the GigabytesRochnroll Treppes/t*No Front Teeth
JamArt SchoolIn The CityPolydor
Bloodclot FaggotsThis Is Living7"*No Patience
Bed Wettin' Bad BoysDon't Wanna Know7"RIP Society
German SSHollow7"*Kryptonite
OnionsUnsustainable Lifestyle2011 Tour CD*Certified PR
Moby DicksWhiskey And Palm Trees7"*Southpaw
DogmaticsGimme The Shakes7"Ramo
Hex DispensersAgatha's Antlers7"*Vice
SpiderBack To The Wall7"Pennine
Liquid StoneBecause Of You7"*Liquid Stone/Sing Sing
GaggersSpit You OutRip You Apart*Dead Beat
MachinesYou Better Hear7"Wax
Baddat For TrubbelKoepenhamnDet Har Ar Inte New York*Punks Only
Von ZippersCan't Stand Rock And RollWow 'em Down At Franzl'sAu Go Go
Dalai LamasI Want You7"*Hozac
Ed Nasty & the DopedsI'm Gonna Be Everything7"*Sexo/Last Laugh
Red MassCrawl Space7"*Certified PR
DoubtTime Out7"Solo
BarracudasSurfers Are Back7"Wipe Out'sEdie Is A Sweet Candy7"Karate
OutdoorsmenTell Your Folks I'm A Goner7"*Psychic Handshake
Burning ItchSatisfied7"*Goodbye Boozy
Prescription PillsZyklon B7"*Kryptonite
Vinyl StitchesRunaway Baby7"Death Pop
Mad VirginsI Am A Computer7"Romantik
Le FaceNothing Cult7"*Psychic Handshake
Wild Billy Childish & the MBE'sMama Rolling Stone7"Damaged Goods
MummiesThat's Mighty Childish7"Regal Select
Useless EatersDifficult7"*Goodbye Boozy
RoutesI'm SpentAlligator*Dirty Water
TyvekInner City Walks7"*Les Disques Steak
Real NumbersTear It In Two7"*Florida's Dying
CoCoComaDon't Tempt Me7"Shit Sandwich
Happy ThoughtsSweet Dirty Loves/t*Hozac
Cheap TimeImmediate Future7"*Cass
Morning ShakesYoungblood7"Sack O' Shit
HygieneT.S.G.Public Sector*La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk
Wrong WordsEverything Is Different Nows/t*Trouble In Mind
Rough KidsTrudie Gold7"*No Way
Golden StaphRidings/t*RIP Society
HussyWrong/RightCement Tomb Mind Control*Slow Fizz
Estrogen HighsSubtle Girl7"*Southpaw
Young CanadiansFuck Your SocietyNo EscapeZulu
Davila 666RatataTan Bajo*In The Red
BoomgatesLayman's Teeth7"*Smart Guy

fuck your society.