Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/24/2011

OUR featured guest today is Dan Marut, a dentist that established Quality Dental Plan in October 2009 to connect dentists looking to make a difference in their communities with new patients, while giving people without dental insurance a compelling reason to go to the dentist.

Dan is also the founder of NewDocs.com, a social media website for dentists and is a partner in a state-of-the-art dental practice in Ashland, OR. For more information about Quality Dental Plan, visit www.completedentalplan.com. We will discuss health insurance woes from the DENTAL side this time around.

Show includes a special airing of "Billionaires Tea Party" - dont miss it!

Music (after Bob Dylan's own version of show theme) from the collaboration of J.J.Cale and Eric Clapton – the CD is titled: “Escondido”