Clam Radio playlist for 04/17/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Frank ZappaThe Regyptian StrutSleep DirtRyko
Mothers Of InventionDuke Of PrunesAbsolutely FreeRyko
MothersCall Any VegetablesJust Another Band From LARyko
Frank ZappaDuke Of Orchestral PrunesOrchestral FavoritesRyko
Mothers Of InventionCrusin' For BurgersUncle MeatRyko
Frank ZappaDoreenCrush All Boxes-
Frank ZappaExcerpt of Porn WarsFrank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of PreventionRyko
Mothers Of InventionMother PeopleWe're Only In For The MoneyRyko
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionInca RoadsOne Size Fits AllRyko
Frank ZappaFZ on UFOs and HumansInterview-
Frank ZappaDumb All OverYCDTOSA Vol.1Rkyo
Frank ZappaExcentrifugal ForzApostropheRyko
Frank ZappaDown In The DewLatherBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaLonesome Cowboy BertBest Band You Never Heard In Your LifeRyko
FZVillage Of The Sun-Echidna's Arf (Of You)-Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?YCDTOSA Vol. 2
Ensemble ModernPut A Motor In YourselfPlays Frank Zappa
FZMuffin ManBongo Fury
FZSan BerdinoOne Size Fits All
FZ & L. ShankarThirteenYCDTOSA 6
FZCruising For BurgersZappa In New York
Mothers Of InventionWowie Zowie (alt. mix)Freak Out
Frank ZappaUncle RemusLive Tower Theatre 1988
Frank ZappaMurder by NumbersLive in Chicago 1988
Frank ZappaReads The WeatherWPLR 04 25 75
Frank ZappaLet's Move To ClevelandDoes Humor Belong In Music
Mr. Edison takes over
The Mothers Of InventionMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamaWeasels Ripped My Flesh
FZBig SwiftyWaka Jawaka
Burt WardBoy Wonder I Love YouMGM single
The Mothers Of InventionAnyway The Wind BlowsJoe's Corsage
The Mothers Of InventionAnyway The Wind BlowsGreasy Love Songs
FZCharvaMystery Disc
FZThe Closer You Are
FZYellow Snow SuiteApostrophe
Frank ZappaAdvanced RomanceYCDTOSA Vol.3
Jeff SimmonsWino ManLucille Has Messed Up My Mind
Mothers Of InventionTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceWe're Only In It For The Money
Mothers Of InventionValeriBurnt Weenie Sandwich
Frank ZappaEnvelopesShip Arriving Too LateRyko
Frank ZappaGumbo VariationsHot Rats (vinyl)
Frank ZappaBogus PompLSO Vol. 2Ryko
Frank ZappaWhatever Happened To All The Fun In The WorldSheik YerboutiEMI
Mothers Of InventionYou're Probably Wondering Why I'm HereFreak OutRyko
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of InventionBrown Moses / Evil PrinceYCDTOSA Vol. 4Ryko
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of InventionBrown Shoes Don't Make ItAbsolutely Free / Tinseltown RebellionRyko
Frank ZappaWhen The Lies So BigBroadway The HardwayRyko
Frank ZappaIn The Newts We Got200 MotelsUA
Frank ZappaThe Torture Never StopsThe Best Band You Never Heard Of / Buffalo 80
Frank ZappaPeaches 3Tinseltown Rebellion
Grand FunkOut To Get YouGood Singing Good Playing
Frank ZappaPlanet Of My DreamsThem Or Us
Mothers Of InventionWho Needs The Peace CorpsWe're Only In It For The Money
MothersFifty - FiftyOvernight Sensation
Interview With Greenaway
Candy ZappaAnywhere The Wind Blowsdemo
The Mothers Of InventionThe Idiot Bastard SonLumpy Money
StingThe Idiot Bastard Son1988
FZJoe's GarageJoe's Garage
Layla ZoeLucille Has Messed My Mind Upyou tube
Ruben & The JetsIf I Could Only Be Your Love AgainFor Real
FZMontanaOvernite Sensation
FZBlack NapkinsBerlin 3-4-76
FZInca RoadsNotradame 74
Frank ZappaCrew SlutJoe's Garage
L ShankarTouch Me ThereTouch Me There
Frank ZappaSexMan From Utopia
Frank ZappaBaby Take Your Teeth OutThem Or Us
Frank ZappaDirty LovePhilly 1976
Frank ZappaMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamasYCDTOSA Vol. 4
Frank ZappaWillie The PimpYCDTOSA Vol. 4
Frank ZappaMagic FingersYCDTOSA Vol. 6
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo Fury
Frank ZappaStevie's SpankingThem Or Us
Frank ZappaMs. PinkyZoot Allures
Frank ZappaNun Suit Painted On Some Ol Boxes200 Motels
Frank ZappaHe's So GayThing Fish
Frank ZappaDong Work For YudaJoe's Garage
Frank ZappaEasy MeatCrush All Boxes
Frank ZappaPenguin In BondageHumor Roxy Best Band
Frank ZappaKeep It GreasyBuffalo 1980
Frank ZappaTeenage ProstituteShip Arriving Too Late
Frank ZappaHoney Doncha Wanna Man like Me?YCDTOSA 4
Frank ZappaPunky's WhipBaby Snakes
Mr. Edison Rides Again
Frank ZappaHeavy Duty JudyBest Band You Never Heard In Life
Frank ZappaRing Of FireBest Band You Never Heard In Life
The Mothers Of InventionHelp, I'm A Rock-It Can't Happen HereFreak Out
Wild Man FischerMerry Go RoundAn Evening With...
Captain BeefheartMetal Man Has Won His WingsMystery Disc
Captain Beefheart & The Mothers Of InventionThe BlimpTrout Mask Replica
Captain Beefheart & The MothersDebra KadabraBongo Fury
FZLet's Make The Water Turn Black SuiteMake A Jazz Noise Here
FZThe Black Page 1 & 2Zappa In New York vinyl
FZCleetus Awreetus-AwrightusThe Grand Wazoo
Frank ZappaThe Deathless HorsieShut Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar
FZPackard Goose excerpt10-29-78 NYC
The MothersLittle House I Used To Live In-The Mud SharkFillmore East-June 1971
Frank ZappaPo-Jama PeopleOne Size Fits All
Frank Zappa / Linda RonstadtRemington Electric RazorCommercial
Frank ZappaKung FuLost Episodes
MothersStuderbaker Hoch excerptJust Another Band From LA
Frank ZappaBeat It With Your FistShut Up Play Yer Guitar Vol. 1
Frank ZappaChuchaMystery Disc
Banned From UtopiaSolitudeCassette Demo
Frank ZappaFlambeSleep Dirt
Frank ZappaWatermellon In Easter HayJoe's Garage
The MothersBilly The MountainPlayground Psychotic

Kicking off the 2011 Zappathon. Thanks to everyone who pledged. We appreciate it.