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WUSB Reggae Marathon 2008!

Listen and Celebrate with WUSB's 3 day summer Reggae Marathon starting July 3rd at 10pm with Kibret and Massapan of "No Sound Test" and ending at midnight(sund into mon)July 6th 2008. Check out Lister Hewan-Lowe during the longest running reggae show in America
called "Saturday's a Party" noon-3pm and all the great staffers and

Thanks again to all those that make the reggae marathon a success year to
year, Happy 4th of July ! One love, Angella

I WON'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE: an Odd Hours NICK CAVE Special, Tuesday morning, 3-6:30 am.

From The Birthday Party to The Bad Seeds to Grinderman and beyond, thirsty dog CHUNKY GOMEZ's red right hand spins all the dark, gothic, comic, tragic, beautiful, freakin' rockin' music of NICK CAVE. Yes, 3 1/2 hours of one of the great songwriter/singer/musicians of all time. So let love in and join us for as we stagger through O'Malley's Bar for some after hours lotus eating.............

Happy 31st Anniversary / Birthday to WUSB 90.1 FM radio station !

31 years ago today former General Manager Norm Prusslin and then Student Program Director Rich Koch signed on with the first WUSB 90.1 radio broadcast on the FM airwaves. This broadcast inaugurated the operation of a new local university-community non-commercial radio station from the campus of Stony Brook University, New York.

" Now, all these years later, I'm proud of the efforts of the generations of student and community staff and the support of our listeners who have helped to shape the truly unique station WUSB is. I congratulate Isobel, Frank Burgert and the current staff as we mark this time to reflect on past accomplishments and to look ahead to future opportunities and purpose.....
the experiment continues..... " - Norm Prusslin

"Re-Zorn": An on-air trubute to John Zorn's Masada Projects

On midnight Friday (6/13) to 6:30 AM Saturday (6/14), Mr. Edison and Chris Phillips offer two men's take John Zorn's Masada and related projects. We'll cover the earliest recordings right up to and including Secret Chiefs 3 and the latest volume of Masada work. Come, listen, and revel in a little "radical Jewish culture"!