WUSB Alternatives playlist for 09/04/2009

Covering Rock-ire-ation?

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/03/2009

real hiphop

Recess playlist for 09/02/2009

Mr. Metronome! filling in for Angelo on this session of Recess!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/01/2009

TODAY OUR FEATURED GUEST IS SAM BURRETT, a media strategist at ThinkInk – a Miami based communications company. He and I will continue the discussion of media bias, our subtext lately against the backdrop of the occupations and the healthcare legislative process.

Today’s image is “two lines, no shoving” which can be found at OR – pull down the NEW IMAGES gallery – it is the first image. Our resident writer, J. David Gray will use this for his essay inspiration.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/01/2009

Stuff in my Head Dripping out and into Your ears

Finn's Revolution playlist for 09/01/2009

Congrats to Bob who'll be checking Titus Andronicus, Smith Westerns & The So So Glos in Brooklyn @ Monster Island Basement; to Tom who'll be checking the Easy All-Stars in Amagansett ; & to Rich who'll be seeing IT MIGHT GET LOUD in Huntington Thanks to all callers & listeners!!

Spiney Norman playlist for 09/01/2009

Hey, this is Steve from 3-5 with phayz one. I filled in for this slot and had the band Whitefish(Joseph McNulty and Thomas French) on. I played some of Thomas French's solo work at the beginning, which are great beats, and Joe McNulty played a Bob Dylan cover and one of his originals before Whitefish went on, and I played one of his folk recordings for the last song after Whitefish started playing. If you liked what you heard you can find their music here., the whitefish 2 times is not a typo.

Dob's Love Army playlist for 08/31/2009

Brand new program alt Mondays - new name coming!

Featuring DJ Dob

Why Anything Radio playlist for 08/30/2009

Chris Phillips filling in

3-5 with pHayz One playlist for 08/30/2009

This was my last show in this time slot. I will be moving to every other Tuesday from 2:30-5PM starting September 8th and will probably be changing the name of my show, and will possibly be filling in this coming Tuesday(September 1st) from 2:30-5PM.

Bob Longman Show playlist for 08/30/2009

Jazz Fest '09 !

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 08/30/2009


BQE playlist for 08/29/2009

Drivin on the BQE has never been so easy!

The Melting Pot playlist for 08/29/2009

WOW, I didn't forget how to get here!!