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Lunchtime playlist for 03/05/2010

A weekly musical buffet being served from 11am until 1pm each friday. March is Women's history month so this edition is very Mars centric .....

Bonnie Raitt's third album Takin' My Time is our selection fro Complete Album Side. Side A in it's entireity.

Lots of my favorite female performers, including some new hotties on this edition.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 03/05/2010

hiphop underground boom bap

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 03/05/2010

abbreviated progam tonite due to preceding live WUSB broadcast of Seawolves basketball

1) SANKT OTTEN - Das bezahlte Lob 04:44
2) SANKT OTTEN _ Mutter - Jazz und der Heilige Geist 04:53
3) FOURTET - This Unfolds 07:55
4) FOURTET - Circling 05:17
5) FREDRIK - Flax 03:31
6) FREDRIK - Ava 04:22
7) PANTHA DU PRINCE – A Nomad’s Retreat 06:41
8) PANTHA DU PRINCE - Satellite Snyper 05:28
9) PANTHA DU PRINCE - Bohemian Forest 07:24
10) 2562 - Love in Outer Space 04:57
11) 2562 - Like a Dream 04:21
12) 2562 - Dinosaur 05:01
13) HOT CHIP - Thieves in the Night 06:09

Cheap Thrills, with Rosanne playlist for 03/04/2010

(J-Ro guest-hosting)

Steve K playlist for 03/04/2010

Ladies dominating to commemorate Women's History Month

The White Room playlist for 03/03/2010

Birthday salutes to George Harrison & Lou Reed plus various assorted music:-)

Morning Classical playlist for 03/03/2010

today featuring classical flute & harp music with Jean-Pierre Rampal & Mariellle Nordmann
Various composers

Recess playlist for 03/03/2010

At the beginning of the show, we played a news piece by Christine Vargas, which detailed the various activities that students at Stony Brook are doing to help the people of Haiti.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/02/2010

We have a great show lined up with 3 guests to discuss the roundup and treatment of wild horses in the west. We will speak with
a 4th generation Navadan, Craig Downer, a wildlife ecologist. He has written the book "Wild Horses: Living Symbols of Freedom", describing the wild horses and their plight and has campaigned for protection and respect of wild horses and burros. He is on the Board of The Cloud Foundation. http://www.thecloudfoundation.org

We will also speak with Laura Allen, an attorney and Founder and Executive Director of The Animal Law Coalition, based in Ithaca, NY. Allen brings the latest animal legal news to attorneys, law students and the public and offers legal analysis of the issues affecting animals. Animal Law Coalition takes the fight to stop animal cruelty to Congress, state legislatures, local governments and the courts. http://animallawcoalition.com

Our in-studio guest will be local activist Lynne Ritzler.

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 03/01/2010

Bryan fill in for John...

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 03/01/2010

In Da Mood Mondays- the best in old school and neo-soul slow jamz!! Conducted by Wayne

WUSB Alternatives playlist for 02/28/2010

3am-6am. DJ Ev filling in!

sub.rad playlist for 02/28/2010

1am-2am DJ Climpy live mix