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Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 09/18/2009

The music bed is Esquivel - music from a sparkling planet
Tonights show is brought to you by comptroller Atkins

Morning Recess playlist for 09/16/2009

First official morning show.

Weather or Not playlist for 09/15/2009

The 1st ever show!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/15/2009

TODAY OUR FEATURED GUEST IS IVAN ELAND, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute; 15 years working for Congress on national security issues; author of Partitioning for Peace: An Exit Strategy for Iraq, Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty, The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed and Putting “Defense” Back into U.S. Defense Policy. author of 45 in-depth studies on national security issues.

... and the music of Golden Smog

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/15/2009

Missing Moms Love. Thoughts for Lister...Eddie Hazel Plays Maggot Brain,Reflecting on his mothers Passing away.

Community Chest playlist for 09/15/2009

Tuesday fill-in

Dob's Love Army playlist for 09/14/2009

Dob's Alternating Show!
Show Name TBA

For requests:

For local showcase:
also check out
THE SCENE LIFE (Your Music. Your Art. Your Film. Your Scene)

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 09/14/2009

Tix to giveaway: Steeleye Span, Robin Trower

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 09/14/2009

Big Wayne is giving you the best of cool out old school R&B along with new soul!!

BQE playlist for 09/12/2009

What what? Happy Friday! http://twitter.com/gagathos

The Melting Pot playlist for 09/12/2009

Finn filling in for the living legend Joe C

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 09/11/2009

ERIC COPELAND - Corn on the Cob 02:48
ERIC COPELAND - Al Anon 03:58
ERIC COPELAND - Wolfman 04:01
PATRICK COWLEY & Jorge Socarras - Memory Fails Me 04:20
DINKY- Fadik 04:25
DINKY - Epilepsia 08:28
GANYMED - Future World 06:53
GUSGUS - Bremen Cowboy 07:53
FIVE GREEN CIRCLE - Verse 2 the Chorus 06:55
YACHT - I'm In Love With A Ripper [Party Mix] - (remix) 05:18
YACHT - Summer Song 03:34
RAINBOW ARABIA - Let Them Dance [Brenmar Remix] 03:36
RAINBOW ARABIA - Omar K [Ghosts on Tape Remix] 04:34
RAINBOW ARABIA - Holiday in Congo 03:58
10 FT GANJA PLANT - The Cyclops 04:42
SWEET TRIP - Untitled 04:04
FRUIT BATS - Primitive Man 03:24
FRUIT BATS - My Unusual Friend 04:02
FRUIT BATS - Blessed Breeze 04:45
FRUIT BATS - Feather Bed 03:44
FRUIT BATS - Flamingo 04:01
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - If Our Love Fails 03:27
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Johnny's Theme 02:11
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Dixie Cups In the Dead Grass 02:39
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Inland Towns 02:52
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Paid By the Hour 02:28
DOWNPILOT - All The Ghosts Will Walk 03:55
DOWNPILOT - Chelsea Turnaround 03:45
WILCO - You and I 03:26
WILCO - Wilco (The Song) 02:59