The Overnightmare playlist for 06/25/2011

Someday I too will run out of bullshit.

Gerry Riemer playlist for 06/25/2011

Joe Vecchio filling-in

Lunchtime playlist for 06/24/2011

Join us for a Memphis inspired menu this afternoon. Pull up a stool and stay a while.

COOP Sky Blue playlist for 06/24/2011

COP17 Durban South Africa and tons of new music from Finland and Estonia

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 06/24/2011

Blues with a Feeling w/L'Hommedieu

skagasm playlist for 06/24/2011

SoooOo Goood!

Skagasm playlist for 06/24/2011

SoooOo Goood!

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 06/24/2011

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1. HYPE WILLIAMS - untitled death
2. PEOPLE LIKE US - push the clouds away
3. FORD AND LOPATIN - channel pressure
4. SHINE 2009 - modern times
5. FORD AND LOPATIN - emergency room / world of regret
6. FOSTER THE PEOPLE - helena beat / pumped up kicks
7. MIRACLE FORTRESS - everything works
8. PICTORIA - countdown to the beat
9. CARS - blue tip
10. POLYSTYRENE - shades
11. PEOPLE LIKE US - sing
12. THE BLACK RYDER - gone without feeling
13. ROSEBUDS - limitless arms
14. BEADY EYE - wigwam
15. ULYSSES - why why why
16. PEOPLE LIKE US - atlantic conveyor
17. BEADY EYE - beatles and stones
18. PEOPLE LIKE US - you've got to know when
19. MAZES - letter
20. PEOPLE LIKE US - stuck in the ussr
21. MAZES - you and me
22. XRAY EYEBALLS - nightwalkers / x ray eyeballs theme
23. BLACK LIPS - modern art / bicentennial man / new direction
24. ERIC & THE HAPPY THOUGHTS - bad days
25. CRYSTAL STILTS - blood barons
26. LE BUTCHERETTES - new york
27. KILLS - dna / baby says
28. VETIVER - soft glass

Mix Tape playlist for 06/23/2011

blehehehehehehehhhhhhhhh vfaelealghte ghd/lvjaslgj music

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 06/23/2011

1st hour Larry Wildman Fischer Memorial

High Technology Radio playlist for 06/23/2011

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

Steve K playlist for 06/23/2011

Tribute to The Big Man Clarence Clemons...

Global Rhythms playlist for 06/23/2011

The Oncelers are at it again.. . One for "The Big Man" - we're gonna miss you Clarence... Brother Jack's "The 7th Sense" debut.

Blue Grass Time playlist for 06/22/2011

6-8 PM Bluegrass music old & new

Organized Confusion playlist for 06/22/2011

I was really all over the place with this one. I played a lot less ska than I normally do, but there's still a decent amount in there. Lots of indie rock this time with the likes of The Black Lips, Ted Leo, The Heartbreaks, and even some Pujol there at the end. I hope you like listening as much as I liked playing.