Black Light playlist for 08/15/2010

Look out for AriAna's latest single Tell Me. It's a Hot One. Check out the Tell Me EP: AriAna Tell Me mixes

The Melting Pot playlist for 08/14/2010

Some Alt Country, and other stuff.......Happy August 14th! This week's musical bed is St. Germain's "La Goutte D'Or" from Tourist.

Beginnings playlist for 08/14/2010

Woodstock "with new ears" Leon Russell ticket giveaway

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 08/14/2010

NRBQ party! In honor of Terry Adams and Joey Spampinato's birthdays. Rosanne Hoffmann joined the party for a seamless set as well.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/13/2010

Lunch on payday ... remembering Riochie Heyward on this broadcast. Sadly, Richie was overcome by Liver Cancer yesterday.

Feats Don't Fail Me Now side B is our Complete Album Side ... the 4th LP release of Little Feat (1974)

Also instead of a recipe today we discuss healthy bar-b-queing ... steps you can make to keep things healthy for you and your guests.

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 08/13/2010

1) BECK - Need You Tonight / Mediate
2) PAUL WELLER – Andromeda / Trees
3) SOREN WELL - Glass
4) AUCTIONEERS - Young Man's Blues / The Nothing
5) DEAD WEATHER - Hustle and Cuss / Blue Blood Blues
6) DEAN AND BRITTA - Silver Factory Theme
8) TEENAGE FANCLUB - Dark Clouds / Today Never Ends
9) RANGDA - Plain of Jars
10) WIDESPREAD PANIC - St Louis / Shut Up and Drive
11) HANS CHEW - New Cyprus Grove Boogie / Life Insurance
12) JJ CALE - Bring Down The Curtain / Down To Memphis
13) JOHN MELLANCAMP - Coming Down the Road / No Better Than This
14) LIGHTS ON - Interupting Your Freedom / This Is My Time
15) DEAN AND BRITTA - Herringbone Tweed
16) TAME IMPALA – Solitude Is Bliss
17) BLACK KEYS – She’s Long Gone
18) ROVO - Fluge

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Clam Radio playlist for 08/12/2010

Susan DeVita joins me for plenty of subconscious talk and new, local music, plus a variety of stuff you may never hear again.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/10/2010

TODAY we will follow up our last program and again be discussing NEW MEDIA AND POLITICS…

FOR THAT … our featured guest will be ANDREA HICKERSON, assistant professor of communication at Rochester Institute of Technology, their resident expert in the use of new media in electoral politics.

Our resident scribe, J. David Gray will be joining us for another segment of our SYNERGY project. he will read his essay inspired by the image "long commute" - you can view the image at or here is a link to David's other writings:

Musically we will feature Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy.

Wake and Bake playlist for 08/10/2010

In remembrance of Jerry Garcia, who died 15 years ago yesterday, I'm spinning a new collection of covers from called "Jerry Jams for REX"