Steve K playlist for 10/14/2010

Cafe`Ali playlist for 10/13/2010

This that and OTHERS! Classic Soul, R+B, Jazz, Progressive Rock Old Vinyl and more.

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/12/2010

TODAY we will cover a variety of contemporary topics in an interview with ROHIT SAKHUJA, Executive Director of the “Energy Innovations Project” – at the 
Industrial Performance Center of MIT. Rohit is an MIT and Stanford Business School Alum. And, very pertinent for today’s show, he also wears the hat of a fellow talk show host at WMBR, Cambridge – the program is Paradigm Shifts and it is engineered by former WUSB staffer David Goodman, brother of Amy.

J. David Gray will join us for another segment of our SYNERGY project. This is our second try at reversing the concept … he will read his essay that inspired me to create the image "road patina” - be sure to view the image at or david's other writings can be found at:

Andrew Welch will inspire our audience with his efforts to supply books to rural Laotians; all in the context of his around the world adventure just completed.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 10/12/2010

RIP King Solomon Burke....

J-Ro's Antique Roadshow playlist for 10/11/2010

Happy Columbus Day - celebrated with "It's A Mistake" by Men At Work!

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 10/11/2010

Old schoo and neo-soul featuring Wayne and DJ Belal

Jim Dexter playlist for 10/11/2010

The Jim Dexter Show for October 12,2010

Trim Mix Party playlist for 10/11/2010

best of the underground boom bap hiphop cutsupreme on the wheelz

Bob Longman Show playlist for 10/10/2010

New : #3, #4, #9, #12, #16, #17, #19, #20, #25, #27
Requests : #2, #5, #17, #24(2), #27
Tributes : Albertina Walker (#5, 6, 7, 8); Solomon Burke (#22, 23, 24). Each died in the past few days.

No Apologies playlist for 10/09/2010

John Lennon's 70th Birthday Edition, Part One
Part Two will be at 8:00 p.m. this evening as Ludwig Leopold's fill in.
All selections by John Lennon or The Beatles except as noted.
Woven throughout and in between the listed selections are interview fragments, both plain and effects treated as well as Two Virgins as ambience.

Beginnings playlist for 10/09/2010

Happy Birthday John
Happy Birthday Jackson Browne
Hit The Road Jack "with new ears" #26