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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 11/22/2009

Gurl, you so seductive. Here's da playlist on steroidz from 11/22/09. My shirt broke. (sad emoticon).

Next Oprah's Handbag Marathon: Nevah
Next Oprah's Handbag - Wed. Nov 2nd 2:30 to 5 PM.
Interview with Band of Skulls!

These Are Powers - Double Double Yolk
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes
Yeasayer - Ambling Amp
Eskalators - Dessert First
Eskalators - Scrub Rub
Eskalators - Cats and Dogs Living Together
Eskalators - Future Fire
Eskalators - Happy Trees
Holiday Shores - Tremor Rolls The Park
Slothbear - Don't Taunt a Tiger
Capgun Coup - Sitting on The Sidewalk
Capgun Coup - Ari Are We
Cobalt Cranes - Alright
Drums - Saddest Summer
Numerators - Strawberry Dreams (Dope Jam).
Computer Perfection - San Soleil
Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt - In Your Face Suckin
Swimmers - Give Me The Sun
Small Black - Lady in Wires
Wild Yaks - River May Come
So So Glos - Throw Your Hands Up (Fuck da FFC).
Titus Andronicus - No Future
Weezer - The World Has Turned and Left Me
Willowz - Break Your Back
Cypress Hill - Illusions
Comptons Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under
LEW - Untld
LEW - Come With Me
JayZ - Public Service Announcement
JayZ - Threat
ODB - Shimmy Shimmy
Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga
Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down
Geto Boys - My Minds Playin Tricks On Me
Glass Candy - Geto Boys
Mission of Burma - 1,2,3 Party
Gang of Four - I Found That Essence Rare
Jay Reatard - Trapped In Here
Smith Westerns - Girl In Love
Sonic Youth - Antiorgasm
Monotonix - Set Me Free
Times New Viking - High Holidays
Pheromoans - Sussex Tomb (can't pronounce Sussex).
Dot Dash - Heartbeat
Acid Baby Jesus - Baby
Acid Baby Jesus - It's On Me
No Age - Ripped Knees
Minor Threat - (I'm Not) Your Stepping Stone
Grooms - The Goth Tarts

Jazz On The Air playlist for 11/22/2009

Hosted by Mr. Edison

BQE playlist for 11/21/2009

Oooooo yea

No Apologies playlist for 11/21/2009

Chris Phillips filling in!

The Melting Pot playlist for 11/21/2009

Special in-studio guests: The Michael Jazz Trio. Engineering courtesy of Don Nostrand!

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 11/20/2009

The start of the show is delayed on the streaming archive until about 7:20. Your host was a little distracted due to a mishap on the way to the studio, but special guest, the Divaliscious Pamela Betti, made sure we had a lot of fun.

Connect with me on Facebook at Habanero WUSB.

Lunchtime playlist for 11/20/2009

A Musical Buffet ... this week featuring Breakup Songs, and a classic post-psychedelic SF Allstar album side.

Side B of "Dinosaurs" featuring: Peter Albin; Spencer Dryden; Mer lSaunders, John Cippolina, and Barry "The Fish" Melton

Also a few cry in your beerglass tear jerkers ... boo hoo hoo!!!

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 11/20/2009

The Mario Night Blues Show w/ Mario Staiano

Top 30 playlist for 11/20/2009

1 MATIAS AGUAYO Ay Ay Ay Kompakt
2 JUNIUS The Martydom Of A Catastrophist The Mylene Sheath
3 WILLOWZ Everyone Dim Mak-Downtown
4 INARA GEORGE Accidental Experimental
5 FAREWELL MILWAUKEE Autumn Rest Easy Self-Released

1 AIR Love 2 Astralwerks
2 NEON INDIAN Psychic Chasms Lefse
4 TEMPER TRAP Conditions Glassnote
5 MISSION OF BURMA The Sound The Speed The Light Matador
6 SWIMMERS People Are Soft Mad Dragon
7 BOYS NOIZE Power Last Gang
8 LIGHTNING BOLT Earthly Delights Load
9 BANG BANG ECHE Sonic Death Cuntttt [EP] Self-Released
10 KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW Invisible Girl In The Red
11 BUILT TO SPILL There Is No Enemy warner
12 LE LOUP Family Hardly Art
13 RAIN MACHINE Rain Machine Anti
14 XX The Xx XL-Young Turks
15 GHOST IS DANCING Battles On Sonic Unyon
16 A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS Exploding Head Mute
17 FLAMING LIPS Embryonic Warner Bros.
18 NIRVANA Bleach Sub Pop
19 WORLD'S GREATEST GHOSTS No Magic Lucky Madison
20 SUFJAN STEVENS The BQE Asthmatic Kitty
21 TEGAN AND SARA Sainthood Sire-Vapor-Warner Bros.
22 DEVENDRA BANHART What Will We Be Warner Bros.

Clam Radio playlist for 11/19/2009

Various songs and instrumentals as per usual.

Bluegrass Time playlist for 11/18/2009

Joe V Filling In Again..

Everything Is Broken playlist for 11/17/2009

OUR FEATURED INTERVIEW: Mary Ellen Balchunis, political science faculty at LaSalle University in Philly. She is a Fulbright Scholar, having taught Mass Media and Politics in Sweden. She served as an assistant to the Mayor of Philadelphia. Mary Ellen is also active in the Deleware County Democratic Party http://www.delcodems.com/

We will feature the solo music of Mark Knopfler http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_knopfler

Finn's Revolution playlist for 11/17/2009

Congrats to Mike & Stephen who will be checking out PHYLLIS CHEN live in Huntington this Friday night http://www.cinemaartscentre.org/009/09Oct/CAC-LiveMusic.html#PhyllisChen ; to Anthony who will checking THE ENGLISH BEAT this Saturday, & to Mike who will be digging COCO MONTOYA on the 28th in Amagensett http://stephentalkhouse.com/ . THANKS TO ALL CALLERS & LISTENERS!!

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 11/16/2009

Elvis Costello Marathon