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Beginnings playlist for 10/25/2014

Thanks to Melanie for sharing with us this morning. Congratulations to ticket winners to see Adrian Belew, Get The Led Out, Jenny Lewis.

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 10/24/2014

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

Lunchtime playlist for 10/24/2014

Friday 10am to Noon

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this morning

Habanero's Healthcare Discussions playlist for 10/24/2014

Today I’ll be discussing the importance of solid policies and procedures, including clinical best practices. This is something that has been very popular in the news these past weeks, with the identification of three cases of Ebola here in the US. But it’s also something that I’ve encountered personally the past month or so as my mother had her knees replaced, my brother experienced a cardiac scare, and I’m preparing for a procedure next week.

What have your experiences been from either the patient or provider side with regards to formal processes in the delivery of medical care?

Statement by RN’s at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital as provided to National Nurses United http://www.nationalnursesunited.org/blog/entry/statement-by-registered-n...

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 10/24/2014


Trim Mix Party playlist for 10/24/2014

this week we celebrated our 11th anniversary on wusb plus a new top 15 and clips from classic interviews and a hot tyme machine segment

Mix Tape playlist for 10/23/2014

anarchy malarkey

Steve K playlist for 10/23/2014

Old favorites ..ramping it up for Radiothon

Clam Radio playlist for 10/23/2014

Happy Birthday Gian DiMauro. Hello John Ford as our special guest.

Epoch playlist for 10/23/2014

Gamehendge Halloween Edition (Without Pre-recorded Narrations)

Global Rhythms playlist for 10/23/2014

The Alan Doyle -"Where I Belong - From Small Town to Great Big Sea" Book preview LIVE On GR & Garnet Rogers returns to the UCafe for Summer's End with a KitchRange to go...

Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 10/22/2014

fill in for Suburban Hymns Radio

Blue Grass Time playlist for 10/22/2014

Radiothon continues, 2 hours of bluegrass- In the 2nd hour Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys live at Stony Brook University, 4/71

Face the Music playlist for 10/22/2014

Fill-in by DJ Cornflower

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/21/2014

Our program TUESDAY, 1:00PM will take a long hard look at the permanent war environment that the USA empire doggedly pursues.

Our featured guest is Cynthia Enloe. Cynthia is a Research Professor in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her career has included Fulbright’s in Malaysia and Guyana and guest professorships in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

her full bio:

Cynthia Enloe
BA: Connecticut College
PhD: University of California, Berkeley
E-mail: cenloe@clarku.edu
Cynthia Enloe is Research Professor in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Cynthia Enloe’s career has included Fulbrights in Malaysia and Guyana, guest professorships in Japan, Britain, Canada, and lectures in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Turkey and at universities around the U.S. Her writings have been translated into Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Icelandic and German. She has published in Ms. Magazine, and appeared on National Public Radio, Al Jazeera, C-Span and the BBC.