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Cool Down playlist for 10/13/2015

Captain Phil's Planet filling in for the Cool Down

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 10/13/2015

The Rainy Night Debate Show

Workhorse Radio playlist for 10/12/2015

Captain Phil's Planet filling in for the Workhorse! Explore Strange new worlds of Music!

Workhorse Radio playlist for 10/12/2015

Hour two of Captain hil's Planet filling in for Workhorse!

Workhorse Radio playlist for 10/12/2015

Captain Phil filling in for workhorse

Say Whats Radio playlist for 10/12/2015

With special guest: Nick Dillinger

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 10/12/2015

80 R&B, New Jack, and House. Hosted by Wayne

Fermented Radio playlist for 10/10/2015

Sunrise Set with M.G.

6am to 9am

Chicken and Waffles (and sometimes Pancakes) playlist for 10/10/2015

Salsathon fill. Bob Longman. If it wasn't salsa, I'd have been asleep halfway through....
Perez Prado's 'Mambo Lupito' by request.
I don't have the exact order. Yo! It's 3-6am!!!

Hiphop Overdose playlist for 10/10/2015

salsa meets hiphop in this special salsifies edition of the overdose

Blues Warehouse playlist for 10/09/2015

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

Hypnosmoothie Radio playlist for 10/09/2015

With Michelle Demetillo, talking about 'The Water Table - Songs For and About the Water'

If you want a copy, talk to one of the performers in this wonderful project to raise awareness about water protection and preservation,
or go to http://www.artspharmacy.com/the-watertable.html

Fermented Radio playlist for 10/09/2015

Friday 10am to Noon

Steve K playlist for 10/08/2015

John Lennon 75th birthday celebration

Trim Mix Party playlist for 10/08/2015

best of that boom bap

Captain Rockit's Time Machine playlist for 10/08/2015

Captain Rockit presents Pt. 2 of The Carpenters Tribute, Yesterday Once More, featuring Carpenters author Randy L. Schmidt. Featured music from The Carpenters and Karen Carpenter solo music, released and unreleased tracks included.