Fermented Radio playlist for 08/05/2016

Friday 10am to Noon

Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 08/05/2016

Issue # 6 (I think) collectors item! Interview with Ray Anderson, Andrew Aydin and lots of new Music!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 08/05/2016

Captain Phil Fillin in for the Natural Nurse featuring Live in studio music with Pluck and Rail!

Mix Tape playlist for 08/04/2016

Clam Radio playlist for 08/04/2016

Guest: Chris Pati

Trim Mix Party playlist for 08/04/2016

that real boom bap hiphop featuring cut supreme dj/producer/artist

Country Pocket playlist for 08/04/2016

Country Pocket turns Concert Billboard with previews of shows by Whitney Rose (Hill Country BBQ, Brooklyn, Aug 5), Parker Millsap (Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Manhattan, Aug 6) Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, Aug 12), and quite a few acts from the Long Island Bluegrass Festival (Tanner Park, Babylon, Aug 20)

The Bayou playlist for 08/04/2016

The Happy 90th Mr DiBennedetto - You sure that's not a black coffee cup? - We gotcha Coach - August already huh - Edition of The Bayou...

The Number Station playlist for 08/04/2016

*DJ ATRAM, as The Spectrum, fills in for this specific show

The music in this playlist goes from very light rock to Deathcore

Blues At Dawn playlist for 08/03/2016


Mr. X. Presents..... playlist for 08/03/2016

Greetings from Stony Brook NY!!!!!

Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/03/2016

2 hours of Bluegrass with tributes to Melvin Goins & Don Parmley.

Jim Dexter playlist for 08/02/2016

Jim's Show for Tuesday August 2, 2016

Finn's Revolution playlist for 08/02/2016

Barbara Endes of GIRLS ON GRASS talks about their new release, then Terri Muuss & Russ Green talk about this Sunday's Tahirih benefit at Brickhouse Brewery...

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 08/02/2016

Blues with a feeling