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Toasty's Takeover playlist for 02/26/2020

Woah! Oh! Yo!

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 02/12/2020

B A N A N A S !
B A N A N A S !
B A N A N A S ! toasthy & crispy

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 01/15/2020

thk u for the good times and the bad times but esp the times when u listened to my show

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 01/04/2020

Filling in for The Broadcast (luv u mr broadcast bb)

We did some dancey things then nestled into some alt, dream pop, etc.

Also go see Uncut Gems u dummy, and if u know anywhere they're still playing Parasite lmk because 2019 was cray and I didn't get to c it bb :(

2020 David Berman Forever

Chill tf over this Iran ish pls, i dont want innocent blood on our hands

-luv toasty n frends

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 01/01/2020

New new new thingg!
New new new u know!
Revolved again it revolved again!
Again again!
How many more?
I don't know?
Don't ask me!
I'm not the guy that knows!
Let's keep dancing!
Let's keep
U know what to do!

- uh toasty?

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 11/20/2019

Toasty's Takeover gets moody, aggressive dance beats, string sections to make ur stomach churn n ur teeth gr8. Some pretty bits so u don't lose ur sanity or hearing 2. If u like this kind of ish ur my kind of person, but also stay tf away from me <3

t text and dr
ive u crazy kid

love ur pal,

-toasty xD

oh, wot r u still doing here? this set was extras looooooooooooong, so I stayed up until 3am playing a lot of loooooooooooooooooooooooooong post rock, slowcore, ambient epics. I like to live a healthy lifestyle. <3

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 10/23/2019

Ghostly, Creepy, and Ghoul Cat talk spooky folklore and creep out Ghostly's mom with halloweeen theeeemed 2uuuuuuuuunes.

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 10/09/2019

Word. We played some ethereal pop bops, folktronicas, cali noise, hip hops, and haus 2unes. Enjoi bbs

- toasty

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 09/25/2019

play this playlist if yr wanna start ur nite :) have ur middle nite :( and then end yr nite :o

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 07/31/2019

watever dude
i did 5 hrs 4 y'all b gr8ful
we do this 4 luv

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 07/03/2019

Toasty gives you a mix of noisy music, songs about fireworks, and a showecase of bands from the Jetlag Music Festival. Special guest DJ Alone Again comes through to talk 4th of July, house music, and potato salad. Crispy brings you an hour mix of music from all parts of the world: France, Italy, Africa and mooooooore. It's been a real ass time fam! Don't drink and drive bbs and have a happy fourth of you know.

(OH HI, So this show ended up being 5 hours and my sanity was at the brink of destruction but no worries, its's all chill.)

Full Playlist bbs. Kind of.



Toasty's Takeover playlist for 06/19/2019

Ayyyyyoooooooo, toasty, krispy, the invisible man, join together to bring you a show that encapsulates everything toasty's takeover is about, shout outs to Daysi, Jared, Marisa and others who tuned in for the love. We take you on a journey going through light and dark, Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts, theyre all here and you don't face it alone.

PS: ALL THE TRAAAXXXXXXXX https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxydXlzRYmE1BPrlX8WiKKuOU37kd-HG0