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Toasty's Takeover Playlists

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 09/15/2018

Toasty's Takeover Abridged! Short n sweet and good to eat. We did lots of riot grrl and dance punk in this tasty set. Hope u enjoied~! FOOTBALL X TOAST

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 06/30/2018

Relight, relight again.

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 06/02/2018

3oasty's 3akeover

3rd consecutive week on air! That's a lot of toast!

Toasty's Takeover playlist for 05/19/2018

toasty and his fwends: Crispy, Grilled, and MR Crunchy hang out in studio for the first time in forever. What ensues is gr8 jams starting off summery then acidy then new muzaky. In other words it was v fun and we should do it again sometime.
TH3 whole playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxydXlzRYmE0-FsjVpjXJWzqoizpQ5Hq6