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Plastic Love playlist for 04/23/2018


Plastic Love playlist for 04/09/2018

it's a think piece about a mid-level band struggling with their own limitations in the harsh face of stardom.

Plastic Love playlist for 03/26/2018

Hey? Oh hey yeah sorry im really busy can you come back later? yeah thats cool. i just wanted to drop this off for you. Oh man thanks! Yeah yeah yeah I've been really excited about checking this out! Sorry I cant hang right now. No really its cool I need to be somewhere right now too. Oh ok cool great. Well thanks again for dropping this off. You sure you can't stay for tea or something? Mmmm yeah maybe just for a minute

Plastic Love playlist for 03/11/2018

yeah whatever

Plastic Love playlist for 02/26/2018

tryna do ambient/dancy kinda stuff. keeping it away from the u.s as best i can but you know how it goes. Its really a mess, its really meaningless, its really nonsensical, dont read into it. But thats only if youre listening.

Plastic Love playlist for 02/12/2018

Gonna try and update these playlists again..
guess it mostly worked out
rlly proud of that automat mix. see if you can track that down in the archive

Plastic Love playlist for 01/29/2018

first show of tha year first show back lets figure it out

Plastic Love playlist for 12/18/2017


disappearing pretends to be spoonfuls for three hours

Plastic Love playlist for 09/25/2017

Hopefully smooth flow from Dj Spoonfuls' library of bangers

Plastic Love playlist for 09/11/2017

First official show of the season! Check it out with DJ SPoonfuls and guest DJ Disapeparing

Serial playlist for 08/28/2017

Plastic Radio (name change? YOU DECIDE) DJ SPoonfusl is playing his music that he likes listening to. yeah its sikk. def check it out. we're having a good time. took a little time to get into it but its sikk now trust me. yeah yeah yeah> its all about the /yeah!/

Serial playlist for 07/31/2017

LAST SHOW OF serendipity radio this summer, covering for Serial (Thank you all for your tuning in!!!!!!!)

Serial playlist for 07/17/2017

Second to last show of SERENDIPITY brought to you by DJ noface, covering for Serial over this summer 2017.

Serial playlist for 07/03/2017

SERENDIPITY FOURTH SHOW with special guest VALENTINE spinning on the decks

Serial playlist for 06/19/2017

Welcome to SERENDIPITY MIXTAPE, a compilation of songs requested by the listeners!
Serendipity- a show by DJ noface, covering for Serial for this summer.