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Plastic Love Playlists

Plastic Love playlist for 12/18/2017


disappearing pretends to be spoonfuls for three hours

Plastic Love playlist for 09/25/2017

Hopefully smooth flow from Dj Spoonfuls' library of bangers

Plastic Love playlist for 09/11/2017

First official show of the season! Check it out with DJ SPoonfuls and guest DJ Disapeparing

Serial playlist for 08/28/2017

Plastic Radio (name change? YOU DECIDE) DJ SPoonfusl is playing his music that he likes listening to. yeah its sikk. def check it out. we're having a good time. took a little time to get into it but its sikk now trust me. yeah yeah yeah> its all about the /yeah!/

Serial playlist for 07/31/2017

LAST SHOW OF serendipity radio this summer, covering for Serial (Thank you all for your tuning in!!!!!!!)

Serial playlist for 07/17/2017

Second to last show of SERENDIPITY brought to you by DJ noface, covering for Serial over this summer 2017.

Serial playlist for 07/03/2017

SERENDIPITY FOURTH SHOW with special guest VALENTINE spinning on the decks

Serial playlist for 06/19/2017

Welcome to SERENDIPITY MIXTAPE, a compilation of songs requested by the listeners!
Serendipity- a show by DJ noface, covering for Serial for this summer.

Serial playlist for 06/05/2017

Second Show of SERENDIPITY

SERENDIPITY MIXTAPE starts for the third show
Submit song requests at this link : https://goo.gl/forms/HASdBYC39VzRMfTI3

Serial playlist for 05/22/2017

The first installment of SERENDIPITY, the newest show on WUSB 90.1 FM!!!! (Covering for Serial for Summer 2017).

Serial playlist for 05/08/2017


Serial playlist for 04/24/2017

Havin some fun in the sun with some jamz

Serial playlist for 04/22/2017


Serial playlist for 04/10/2017

Disappearing SPoonfusl

Serial playlist for 03/26/2017

DJ Spoonfuls spinning his mp3's