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Mystery Train playlist for 01/05/2018

Today's show has three parts:
1) A Muscle Shoals FAME Studios tribute set because founder/producer Rick Hall died this week. Aretha, Wilson Pickett, Duane Allman on guitar.
2) Regularly scheduled Mystery Train awesomeness, including new music by Elvis Costello, Bermuda Triangle, Broken Social Scene, among others; oldish music by Mélissa Laveaux, Justin Townes Earle and Kathleen Edwards; and old music by Bill Withers, David Bowie & Big Star.
3) A brief interview with the Bethpage Regal Eagles Robotics Team about their amazing outreach efforts that span the globe. (Also: they build robots.)

Mystery Train playlist for 12/22/2017

Last show of the year today, and we (who’m I kidding with the royal “we”... like there’s a big crew getting this puppy to air. This holiday party is me, playing tunes for you guys) and I’ll finish what I started last show — my personal Pazz & Jop* — playing my favorites of 2017. Last week I played Carolyn Wonderland, Aimee Mann, Rhiannon Giddens, Father John Misty, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Spoon... This week? Nothing but Humperdinck.

OK, that’s a lie. Listen and see. But Son Little is in there, because I’m somewhat obsessed. The Mavericks. Also: music by some wonderful people we lost in 2017. And only one "Christmas" song (of a sort), but I’ve got a reason.

* Sigh. You could’ve googled it, young person who asked, but it was the end of year musical “Best Of” compiled and published (on paper!) in The Village Voice.


Pazz & Jop? It was a spoonerism of Jazz & Pop.
Huh?? Oh, It was a counter-cultural newsp... just Google it. Happy New Year. We deserve it.

Mystery Train playlist for 12/08/2017

You won't hear any sleigh bells on this Friday's Mystery Train, which instead favors lyrics such as "Why don't you open your eyes and shut your mouth" by featured artist Carolyn Wonderland, a blues singer-songwriter-killer guitarist whose album Moon Goes Missing is one of my favorites of 2017.

The rest of the show is packed with other Songs of the Year, as determined by an extremely fallible, unscientific, non-peer-reviewed, opinion poll conducted by me.*

* So far, I'm the only one who voted. Come on, guys: PAZZ & JOP ME!

Mystery Train playlist for 11/10/2017

Mystery Train features Mavis Staples, whose new LP, her third collaboration with Jeff Tweedy, gets released next Friday November 17th. (Yeah, I mean it "drops".) Also: Lotta Sea Lice, which sounds like a treatable condition, but is in fact the new album by Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile. It's great work by this new, less volatile, Kurt and Courtney.

Mystery Train playlist for 10/27/2017

We lost Fats Domino, so I'm going to do a tribute to him on the first part of today's show, featuring Smiley Lewis, Dr. John, John Lennon, Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, among others, and of course Fats himself.

Then we pull out of New Orleans and play mostly 2017 cuts, with some of the Mystery Trainian (yeah, so? we can adjectivefy ourselves... rock'n'roll, baby) covers and deep cuts. New Liam Gallagher, Weaves, Grizzly Bear, Tyler Childers and The Rural Alberta Advantage.

Mystery Train playlist for 10/13/2017

Tom Petty tribute plus sorta "new" Replacements, actual new Sadies, and featuring blues artist Caroline Wonderland. Taking the albatross off Friday the 13th's neck. No, not llterally.

Because I know what that word means.

Mystery Train playlist for 09/29/2017

We’ll pay tribute to Daptone recording artist Charles Bradley, who died this past Saturday.
Bradley, who was first inspired to perform after seeing James Brown at The Apollo Theater,
didn’t release his first album until 2011, when he was 62. An emotional, incendiary performer –
he will be missed.

We will also be featuring new Tori Amos, David Rawlings and Gillian Welch, Waxahatchee,
Curtis Salgado, Otis Taylor, Shelby Lynne… and the usual mosh pit of covers, deep tracks and

Mystery Train playlist for 09/15/2017

Today's Mystery Train features cuts from the new album by Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer, sisters who have finally put out a record together. (Yeah, record)

Mystery Train playlist for 09/01/2017

Charlie J filling in for the inimitable Carrie Blank. Thanks for tuning in.

Mystery Train playlist for 08/18/2017

Explore a diverse collection of cover songs and originals drawn from rock and roll, alternative, Americana, R & B and more, along with new music and interviews with women who make things. Celebrate the last two hours of (somebody's) work week onboard the Mystery Train.

This week: new Randy Newman, Grizzly Bear, Sheer Mag, Mick Jagger and classic Heatmiser, Steve AND Justin Townes Earle. The Como Mamas.

Mystery Train playlist for 08/04/2017

Explore a diverse collection of cover songs and originals drawn from rock and roll, alternative, Americana, R & B and more, along with new music and interviews with women who make things. Celebrate the last two hours of (somebody's) work week onboard the Mystery Train.

Mystery Train playlist for 07/21/2017

Climb aboard. Featuring music from Waxahatchee, Andra Day, Matthew Sweet, Bedouine, Nneka + the usual rockers and blues artists, covers and originals. Plus lots of new music, lots of female artists.

Mystery Train playlist for 07/07/2017

Today's show contains a super-sized serving of songs by stupendous women.

Mystery Train playlist for 06/23/2017

Explore a diverse collection of cover songs and originals drawn from rock and roll, alternative, Americana, R & B and more, along with new music and interviews with women who make things. Celebrate the last two hours of (somebody's) work week onboard the Mystery Train.

Had so much good stuff left from last show's Beatlemania that I decided to do a part 2. Last show covered the lads up through Sgt. Pepper. This week's collection of Beatle music picks up with "the White Album" and extends into their solo careers. Plus kick-ass covers, as per usual, from Billy Preston, Ella Fitzgerald(!), Regina Spektor... plus a li'l preview of my next show.

Mystery Train playlist for 05/26/2017

Today's Mystery Train makes two stops. First: Austin,Texas. Jimmy LaFave passed away, mere days after appearing at his own benefit concert. I'll be featuring some of his music as well as that of some fabulous musicians who make Austin their home. Such as:

Incredible under-famous troubadour James McMurtry -- the best songwriter you (may have) never heard of. (Imagine John Prine and Randy Newman had a baby... just work with me here... and that baby went back in time, grew up and had a baby with Townes Van Zandt. That's James McMurtry.) And Alejandro Escovedo, Ruthie Foster, Carolyn Wonderland, Sarah Jurosz, Brian Christopher. And Jason Isbell, even though he's not an Austin guy. Hey, my show.

Second stop: Seattle. For a Chris Cornell tribute show, highlighting Cornell's brilliant acoustic versions of his own music, and covers of Imagine and Billie Jean. Also: Johnny Cash, The Head and the Heart and Norah Jones covering Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog.

Mystery Train playlist for 05/12/2017

Fill-in For Carrie Blank's "Mystery Train" show, featuring guest DJs Kenn Toomey, and Verlaine Hell.
Featured a phone interview with RICHARD LLOYD.
Show was partially pre-empted at 4:15 by Volleyball coverage.

Mystery Train playlist for 04/28/2017

This week's Mystery Train is Part 2 (The Redux) of my First Annual EightiesPalooza ROCKTACULAR (is too a word) Mini-Marathon-mania-a-go-go. Because I assembled waaaay too much Eighties-ness to fit into one show. But the same rules apply -- no Air Supply, Asia, Astley, A-Ha or Axel F.

Also: NEW MUSIC by The Sadies, Craig Finn, The Mavericks, Old 97's and Spoon.

I KNOW! (I'm psyched too.)

Mystery Train playlist for 04/14/2017

Jealous of the other DJs who took part in the many awesome music marathons during Radiothon, I made my own tiny lonesome version. So this week's Mystery Train is The First Annual Eighties ROCKTACULAR (is too a word) Mini-Marathon. Featuring some J. Geils' Band cuts, in honor of Geils, who died earlier this week, as well as Smithereens, Blondie, R.E.M., The Replacements, The Pretenders, INXS, The Talking Heads, The Pixies, Joan Jett, Prince, Pat Benatar, among others. But no Air Supply, Asia, Astley, A-Ha and no Axel F. And that's just the As. It's all eighties rocking goodness, my friends.

Hope you're inspired to make a pledge to (631) 632-6901 or during the show, to wusb.fm