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Lunchtime playlist for 02/25/2011

It's raining like there's no tomorrow out there .... so come on in .... the Cafe's Open.

Lunchtime playlist for 02/18/2011

It's a sunny almost 60 degree day in Stony Brook so we've got a really great menu today. Our chef's have been spannig the globe for today's ingredients.

Our appetizer comes from Norwalk, Connecticut with a recipe for getting a Cheesesteak in Philly ... from a South African??? Bakhiti Kumalo is up in Connecticut rehearsing with Paul Simon where we speak with him about FEBRUARY 19 at BORGHESE Vineyards on the North Fork. BK has a Jazz Quartet featuring fellow South African troubador Morris Goldberg. It's 3pm tomorrow!!! We also cover his recording with another old time friend from SA, Vusi Mahlasela (Performing at SOB's next TUesday February 22), and all things CheeseSteak???

The Second course is a Brazillian Dish via Seattle .... Vinicius Cantuaria and Bill Frisell perform tomorrow night as well: Le Poisson Rouge, NYC ... supporting their new eOne release titled Lagrimas Mexcianas and sharing their music. A really wonderful collaboration we like a lot! Go see for yourself tomorrow night, the 19th there's a late and Early and Late performance.

Lunchtime playlist for 02/11/2011

It's African Heritage Month and the Lunchtime Broadcast is serving up all of it, well as much as you can in 120 minutes.

Celebrating with Harry Belafonte's Opus work: The Long Road To Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music. Today's show begin's with the "Ballads & Frolic's" section.

Catchin' up with South African Singer/Songwriter/Historian/Visionary -- Vusi Mahlasela -- currently on the road with Amos Lee, From Austin, Texas, we chat with Vusi in the first hour of this edition. Vusi speaks of "Say Africa" his latest release on ATO Records; sprinkling African Culture around the US during African heritage Month; The African Leadership Academy & Vusi Mahlasela Music Education Project. Learn all about Vusi at Http://VusiMahlasela.com Watch him perform "Say Africa" at SOB's in Manhattan the 22nd of February. That's ten days from now on a Monday.

A children's story of an old LP: Today the Story of The Gingerbread Boy

Full album side from Eric Dolphy. Going back to September 8, 1961, Side B of Eric Dolphy In Europe/Volume 3.

A great Valentine's receipe for Poached Salmon with a Cucumber/Dill Yogurt Sauce.

Lunchtime playlist for 01/28/2011

Wrapping up the SnowBound month of January.... We got the homefire burnin' just for ya.

Lots of new and old offerings today.

Preparing for next Month with African Blues from Ali Farka Toure as a our album side this edition.

See ya in two weeks, Tune In next week for the Reggae Marathon, thanks for supporting "WUSBeee the most dangerous station in the nation"

Lunchtime playlist for 01/14/2011

Come on in and worn up beside the stove. We're cooking up a real special birthday cake this morning for:

Allen Toussaint (1/14/1938);
Joseph Henry "T-Bone" Burnett (1/14/1948);
John Campbell (1/20/1952).

First we head down to New Orleans whjere everybodies preparing for Mardi Gras, and celebrate Allen Toussaint. Then a full album side from T-Bone Burnett from 1972 "J. Henry Burnett The B-52 Band & The Fabulous Skylarks". Side A complete. Finally a tribute to John Campbell who would have been 59 next Thursday. I first bumped into John downtown in Manhattan around 1988. He was such an icredible talent who deserves to be remembered. Happy Birthday , fellas!

A recipe for Pineapple Upside Down Cake -- yes, you can cook it on the grill, too! Share this treat with your friends this Sunday for the Jet's game. This is a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed fool proof recipe, just like my Mom makes.

Next week tune in for Chris Sorochin and his special spin on Lunchtime. I'll be back on the 28th with more grub! Stay warm, and drive slow!

Lunchtime playlist for 01/07/2011

It's a Winter Wonderland out there, come on in and sit at the counter during Lunchtime.

Today, it's all about our fascination with the guitar. Ever wonder how they do it? Well, in the tradition of "in their own words" radio we let the musicians speak about their technique. Mark Whitfield on Wes Montgomery, Mark Knopfler on Chet Atkins. Dave Goodman, radio journalist, describes his piece on Frank Zappa's Sociopolitical life.

In the end we will check out a really interesting radio documentary on Frank Zappa and his SocioPolitical .point-of-view. Produced by WUSB Alum Dave Goodman for Open Media Boston.Org http://www.openmediaboston.org http://ibisradio.org or

Dave's weekly program: Thickly Settled @ http://www.ibisradio.org/thicklysettled Thanks Dave!

Album Side from Kingfish --- Side A Complete. Great to hear Bob Weir , Dave Torbert, Matt Kelly and all from way back in 1975. Often overlooked for his guitar playing Weir takes a backseat in this group who perform standard and original psychadelicized classics. Next week we'll hear side B.

Lunchtime playlist for 12/31/2010

Happy New Year!

Remembering those we lost this past year: Captain Beefheart, Peter Quaife, Vic Chestnut, Solomon Burke, T Lavitz, Hank Jones, Ben Keith & Richie Hayward.

And those we hope to get better soon like Aretha Franklin

A recipe for a barbequed Cedar Plank Salmon to keep you well nourished for this evening.

Tune in next Friday January 7, 2011 at 11am for another heaping portion of Lunchtime

Lunchtime playlist for 12/10/2010

The weather may be cool outside but the vibes are nice and warm inside the Lunchtime Cafe today, come on in!

Lunchtime playlist for 11/12/2010

Com'n Get It .......The Cafe's Open!

Lunchtime playlist for 11/05/2010

Come and get it ... the Cafe's open!

Lunchtime playlist for 10/29/2010

Hey now, it's another Friday Morning!

Lunchtime playlist for 10/22/2010

Shopping for a Halloween Costume? Preparing for that wacked out holiday on today's Lunchtime.

An album side of Epic Halloween Proportion --- the original soundtrack of Rocky Horror Picture Show, yes the one with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, et al.... Side One this week and side two ... next week!

Lunchtime playlist for 10/15/2010

Friday's are time for Lunchtime. Gather your gear and take an extended break...tune in for a rewarding mid day treat (or trick?)

Science is funny, should we believe what we hear about nutrition or do peoples opinions influence us too much?

Complete Album side direct from Woodstock: The Band -- Side one of this ever-classic album.

Lunchtime playlist for 10/08/2010

Lunchtime this Friday ... Storytime from Tom & Jerry ...Side 4 of the Doors "Absolutely Live"... and a delicious recipe for "3 Herb" Pesto & a closing set of Thelonious Monk's Music performed by others celebrating his 93rd Birthday this Sunday (10-10-1917).

Lunchtime playlist for 10/01/2010

Opening up the month on a rather wet note ... but Salsathon is here!

A latin accented edition of Lunchtime this morning our special of the day is some made in new york live music from Jaco Pastorious and Word Of Mouth Big Band

And of course this weeks recipe is for a refreshing Salsa.

Lunchtime playlist for 09/17/2010

Who Do You Love? Come on in to the Lunchtime Cafe for some comfort.

Lunchtime playlist for 09/10/2010

Come on in and enjoy this edition of Lunchtime featuring a huge a birthday helping of Sonny Rollins.

Happy Eightieth Birthday, Sonny!

Lunchtime playlist for 09/03/2010

In Earle style today for Lunchtime on payday .... Hurricane Earle that is

Full album side from The Doors -- Side B of Absolutely Live with a particularly killer "When The Musics Over" recorded in New York City

Then our recipe "off the top of my head" returns with a seasonal favorite: Eggplant Parmesean....truly delicious!

Tune in again next Friday ... see you around 11.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/27/2010

Com'n to getcha baby ......

Lunchtime playlist for 08/20/2010

Your weekly helping ....... Friday 11am to 1pm.