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Lunchtime playlist for 05/18/2012

Commencement 2012 Edition ... CONGRATULATIONS to all Graduates!!!

Lunchtime playlist for 05/11/2012

Each Friday 10am to Noon

Lunchtime playlist for 05/04/2012

Every Friday morning 10am to Noon.

Lunchtime playlist for 04/27/2012

Each Friday - 10am to Noon

Lunchtime playlist for 04/20/2012

Sadly we pay tribute to Levon Helm this morning. After battling Throat Cancer fro the past ten years, he passed yesterday.

Long may you run ....

Lunchtime playlist for 04/13/2012

Local Music Marathon --- Friday the Thirteenth

All LIVE from the WUSB Archive:

Cloud William Band
Carlos Hernandez
Water Street Blues Band
Ken "The Rocket" Korb
D. Harris
Toby Walker
Cadillac Moon
Kerry Kearney

All from the WUSB Archive during our Radiothon Benefits of Year's Past.

DO NOT FORGET TO SUPPORT WUSB --- we really need it --- www.wusb.fm or cal 631-632-6901

Lunchtime playlist for 04/06/2012

Bob Longman, sub

Lunchtime playlist for 03/30/2012

Part 5 of 5 Women's History Month

Lunchtime playlist for 03/23/2012

Part Four of our Women's History Celebration -- All Female, all during Lunchtime.

Lunchtime playlist for 03/16/2012

Part Three of our Women's History Month broadcast ... All Female, All March

Lunchtime playlist for 03/09/2012

Second Edition of All Female for Women's History Month. Sharing some of our favorites and your's.

Lunchtime playlist for 03/02/2012

All Female for March ... Celebrating Women's History Month!

Lunchtime playlist for 02/24/2012

Celebrating African American Heritage Month all February on "In The Morning"

Part Three of "The Long Road to Freedom- An Anthology of Black Music" covering the Civil War Period, and Country Moods of the Post War era.

Lunchtime playlist for 02/17/2012

Part Two of our survey of "The Long Road To Freedom - An Anthology of Black Music".

During February we are celebrating the work of harry Belafonte by sharing this extraordinary collection which he produced during the 1960's.

Section two includes original works of the Louisiana Creole; Slave Christmas; Underground Railroad; and Civil War era's experiences.

Lunchtime playlist for 02/10/2012

Celebrating African American Heritage Month with a very extra special set of programming -- Harry Belafonte's "Anthology of Black Music: The Long Road To Freedom". Today begins a special focus on this opus work; we'll spend the next five shows surveying this extraordinary collection.

The Roots begins the survey with work songs, ceremonial songs, children's songs and the introduction of Christianity. Shouts and Early Spirituals is the second part of this first section.

Lunchtime playlist for 01/27/2012

guest programmer: Bob Longman
thank-yous : #12, #13, #22
requests: #10, #23, #26
local: #20, #26

Lunchtime playlist for 01/13/2012

First show of 2012 ... Wishing Everyone a Healthy and Extremely Happy New Year.

Lunchtime playlist for 12/23/2011

requests: #9, #14 (2), #34
thank-yous: #2, #8, #14 (2), #17, #29
local: #6, #9
hanukkah: #14, #16, #29, #30
acappella/vocal band: #12, #13, #23, #24, #30, #32, #43

Lunchtime playlist for 12/16/2011

We're in the Holiday spirit today reviewing some of our favorite 2011 New Music

Lunchtime playlist for 12/09/2011

Bob Longman, sub
Requests: #22 (3); #13; #10; #14
Thank-yous: #14 (2), #9, #24
Local: #1, #18