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Lunchtime playlist for 09/17/2010

Who Do You Love? Come on in to the Lunchtime Cafe for some comfort.

Lunchtime playlist for 09/10/2010

Come on in and enjoy this edition of Lunchtime featuring a huge a birthday helping of Sonny Rollins.

Happy Eightieth Birthday, Sonny!

Lunchtime playlist for 09/03/2010

In Earle style today for Lunchtime on payday .... Hurricane Earle that is

Full album side from The Doors -- Side B of Absolutely Live with a particularly killer "When The Musics Over" recorded in New York City

Then our recipe "off the top of my head" returns with a seasonal favorite: Eggplant Parmesean....truly delicious!

Tune in again next Friday ... see you around 11.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/27/2010

Com'n to getcha baby ......

Lunchtime playlist for 08/20/2010

Your weekly helping ....... Friday 11am to 1pm.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/13/2010

Lunch on payday ... remembering Riochie Heyward on this broadcast. Sadly, Richie was overcome by Liver Cancer yesterday.

Feats Don't Fail Me Now side B is our Complete Album Side ... the 4th LP release of Little Feat (1974)

Also instead of a recipe today we discuss healthy bar-b-queing ... steps you can make to keep things healthy for you and your guests.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/06/2010

Weekly nourishment during the lunch-hour on payday.

This weeks album side celebrates Jerry Garcia's 69th Birthday with Side B of Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel. This is always a special time of the year, the beginning of August and the 9 day period between Jerry's Birthday and Departure, August 9.

Of course a fine recipe for grilled Lamb Chops with Mushrooms and Rice.

Tune in next Friday for more Lunchtime, 11am to 1pm.

Lunchtime playlist for 07/30/2010

Smorgasboard of music for your belly!

Full album side from our Birthday Boy Jerry Garcia (8/1/1941) .... Cats Under The Stars, side 1 COMPLETE!

Also a recipe for delicious fresh flounder with summer vegetables off the top of my head, and other stories from the road.

Tune in next week at 11am for another tasty edition of Lunchtime, Cheers!

Lunchtime playlist for 05/28/2010

Food for your mind.... a buffet of audible delight!

Classic Kinks album side today .... The first side of Give The People What They Want. Next week is my 25th College Reunion, and this album arrived in the fall of my freshman semester 10.15.1981.

How 'bout a simple Chicken Quesedilla recipe? Last nite over at the Village Pub in Pt. Jeff had myself a delicious one. Then Eva (host of Long Island Sound, thurs. 7-8pm) asked me if i could do that recipe over the radio. Sure 'nuff Eva, this Quesedilla won't give you the blues but make you wanna spank yer grandma.... just kidding. It's lip smacking good!!!

Thanks for listening in ... join me next friday 6/4 at 11am for another helping of Lunchtime ... have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Lunchtime playlist for 05/13/2010

Food for your mind. A veritable buffet of musical delights with a sprinkling of good 'ol comedy. What's better than a tasty meal and hearty laugh?

Our specials today begin with no typical album side; it's Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years" we're offering a full helping of Side One

Speaking of cuisine, we'll get back to our Slow Cooked BBQ Beef Brisket recipe in the second hour.

Next week is Commencement here at the University. Most likely there will be time for an abbreviated Lunchtime following the ceremony; otherwise we'll return on the twenty-eigth. So until then happy trails ....

Lunchtime playlist for 05/06/2010

Cook it slow my friends.
Patience is a virtue.
& Remember, Speed Kills!

A slow cooking version today for a fifth (or sixth...) consecutive Sunny Day in Stony Brook.....

Seminal album side: The Band side B COMPLETE.

A little Brisket Recipe too, for your Bar B Q!

Stay tuned to the most FREE RADIO station in the Nation WUSBeeeeeeeeeeeeee all da thyme!

Lunchtime playlist for 04/29/2010

Once in a while you eat something that does not agree. Then what do you do?

Tune in to Lunchtime for settling down.

Lunchtime playlist for 04/22/2010

Musical buffet for your ears.

Classic Album Side from the Rolling Stones -- Sticky Fingers -- Side A complete

Lunchtime playlist for 04/15/2010

Weekly Musical Buffet .... Food for your ears!

Full album Side today from The Good rats ... 1974 debut TASTY... Side A in its entiriety.

Tune in again next week at 11am for more Lunchtime.

Lunchtime playlist for 04/01/2010

Weekly musical buffet for your body and soul

Good Friday Edition .... with a very special album side of Neil Young's "Rust Never Sleeps" (does it?)

Barbeque recipe for grilling Burgers and Chicken. Fire it up!!!

Lunchtime playlist for 03/25/2010

Weekly radio buffet to quench your mid-day appetite.

Frank Vignola joins us today to discuss his show tomorrow night at Berkner Hall in Brookhaven.

Lunchtime playlist for 03/18/2010

Women's History Month Edition --- Celebrating the Center of Every Household: The Kitchen

There's a new exhibit over at Long Island Museum in Stony Brook called "America's Kitchen" We speal to the museum's historian Joshua Ruff in the second hour.

First we play lots of songs celebrating all the gal's!

A full album side from Billy Preston. Side B of his first solo record recorded in London for Apple.

Thanks y'all .... support WUSB during our fun-draising drive. Tune in again next week for another helping of Lunchtime!

Lunchtime playlist for 03/12/2010

Celebrating Ornette Coleman's 80th Birthday (3/09/1930). Rebroadcast of 3/18/2001w/ guest V. Pedevski surveying the works of Ornette. The original show contains many album tracks and very interesting discussion on the background of the recording sessions and Ornette specifically.

This is a tape (two actually) that I've been carrying around for sometime waiting for the right opportunity. There is no better time than in celebration of Ornette's 80th birthday to do this.

A full album side of classic comedy from Mr Ed the Talking Horse, and the story of Ed The Song Writer

March is Women's History Month so we play a set from Mary Lou Williams, the first woman in Jazz. Live piano quartet from Ronnie Scotts in London from 1954

Getting prepared for St. Patricks Day next week we share a recipe for good 'ol Corned Beef and Cabbage. Real easy and delicious!

Join us again next Friday 11am to 1pm for another helping of Lunchtime. Next week will be a very special radiothon edition!!!

Lunchtime playlist for 03/05/2010

A weekly musical buffet being served from 11am until 1pm each friday. March is Women's history month so this edition is very Mars centric .....

Bonnie Raitt's third album Takin' My Time is our selection fro Complete Album Side. Side A in it's entireity.

Lots of my favorite female performers, including some new hotties on this edition.

Lunchtime playlist for 01/29/2010

Musical Buffet Friday Mid-Day.

Lots of live tracks to open ... a few new numbers and a classic TV flashback from Ruff & Reddy.

Preparing for Black History Month over here at the station we are going to have 5 Days of Reggae Music Feb. 6- 1;

Played a true LP Classic Bob Marley and The Wailers "Exodus". Side B in it's entirety!

Bob's Birthday is February 6, 1945. This year is the 65th anniversary of his arrival.

To wrap up the show .... a few Roots Reggae sets going back to the early 80's era.

Next Friday tune into our special programming, Reggae Marathon.

The following two weeks (Feb. 12 & 19) Rich L'H is going to sit in with an extended Sam Taylor Blues Show bustin' out more blues in celebration of Black History Month.

I'll be back to wrap up February on the 26th at 11am, until then keep tuned in to WUSBeeeeeeeee TO STAY WARM.