Progressive Solutions Playlists

Progressive Solutions playlist for 12/12/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will look at issues ranging from the proposed Tax Plan to activists working in Palestine and our Long Island jails.

Joining us will be Stephen Figurasmith. Stephen will speak for the Nassau County Jail Advocates (NCJA). He is a local parent, educator, and activist. He became passionate about prisoner rights and prison abolition while at Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts from 2004-08 where he studied the work of authors and activists such as Angela Davis, Dorothy Roberts, Sistersong Collective, INCITE!, and Critical Resistance. Stephen volunteered to tutor at the local county jail with the student group Building Awareness Across Bars. His activism is further inspired by family and friends who have been incarcerated.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 11/20/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will look at RussiaGate from the very chilling perspective of witch hunts of the non-corporate media.

Joining us will be Max Blumenthal. Max is the Senior Editor of the Grayzone Project at AlterNet. He is the co-host of the podcast, Moderate Rebels. He is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author seen in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Guardian, The Independent Film Channel, The Huffington Post,, Al Jazeera English and many other publications. His most recent book is “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.” His 2009 book, “Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party”, is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller.
Follow Max on Twitter at @MaxBlumenthal. His website is

Progressive Solutions playlist for 11/14/2017

OUR SHOW TOMORROW, TUESDAY-noon-2:00pm will look at the increasing attacks on press freedom.

Of local note: we will examine universities selling the naming rights to their medical schools. Corporations are pouring millions into this effort. Long Island activists are busy fighting a decision here at Stony Brook University School of Medicine to name it Renaissance School of Medicine. This, in honor of Trump supporters at Renaissance Technologies, a (very) local hedge fund with 2 of the Top 10 individual donors for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Included will be a summary of the JAMA article “Selling a Medical School’s Name, Ethical and Practical Dilemmas.”

and … our Senior JFK assassination correspondent, Steve Wiehe, will join us from somewhere on eastern seaboard.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 11/07/2017

OUR SHOW TOMORROW, TUESDAY - Noon EST - will look at the an increasingly unstable society from a variety of angles. We will also re-visit some “beyond capitalism” topics.

JOINING US WILL BE Cynthia Kaufman. She is the Director of the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA; she also runs a community organizer training program and teaches Philosophy. She is the author of two books on social change “Getting Past Capitalism: History, Vision, Hope” (Lexington Books 2012) and “Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change” (2nd Edition PM Press 2016). She has been active in a wide variety of social justice movements including Central American solidarity, union organizing, police accountability, and most recently tenants’ right and climate change. She blogs at:

and … our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steve Wiehe, will join us from poolside.

live streaming from

Progressive Solutions playlist for 10/10/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will look at many issues including the non-debate on guns; the non-universal healthcare system and some tips on surviving the invasion of the robots and that driverless car coming at you the wrong way on the L.I.E.

OUR FEATURED GUEST is Alex Salkever. Alex is a writer, futurist and technology leader. He is the co-author of “The Driver In The Driverless Car: How Our Technology Choices Can Change the Future”. The book was named a finalist in the 2017 Financial Times / McKinsey Business Book of the Year Competition. When not writing, Alex has served as a senior executive at a host of Silicon Valley startups in green technology, data science, open government, and cloud computing.
You can follow him on Twitter @alexsalkever.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 10/03/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will feature the rise of fascism in the developed world and focus on the question: “is RussiaGate simply a progressive pipe dream?”

OUR FEATURED GUEST is Daniel Kovalik. Dan is Sr. Assoc. General Counsel of the United Steelworkers, AFL-CIO (USW) and teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He has worked on Alien Tort Claims Act cases against Coca-Cola and Occidental Petroleum – cases arising out of egregious human rights abuses in Colombia. The Christian Science Monitor, referring to his work defending Colombian unionists under threat of assassination, recently described Mr. Kovalik as “one of the most prominent defenders of Colombian workers in the United States.”

Mr. Kovalik received the David W. Mills Mentoring Fellowship from Stanford University School of Law and was the recipient of the Project Censored Award (Sonoma State University) for his article exposing the unprecedented killing of trade unionists in Colombia.
His most recent book is “The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia."

Progressive Solutions playlist for 09/26/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY - noon-2PM EDT will cover several topics … from The Trumpacalypse to the economics of wealth disparity.
Our Senior Florida Correspondent, Steve Wiehe, will join us with a damage report live from his Mar A Lago bungalow.
We will also air all or part of Counterspin.

Music from: Chris Hillman, Collective Soul, The North Mississippi All-Stars; Taj Mahal.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 09/12/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will continue our examination of the strategies surrounding “democratizing wealth.” One example is Employee Owned companies - we will chat with the Director of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University. They have a very interesting 30-year history.

Our Featured Guest is Roy Messing. Roy is the Director of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center (“OEOC”). He directs the activities of the center’s three primary focuses – Business Succession Planning, assisting prospective and existing employee-owned companies; and leading the development of cooperatives. The center has a long history in supporting the development of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and assisting these organization through standard and specialized training programs for all levels of the organization..

Progressive Solutions playlist for 08/29/2017

OUR SHOW TOMORROW TUESDAY-noon-2PM will begin by looking at some examples of a systemic crisis we face with capitalism. Some very positive examples of solutions to this mess are already out there; we will highlight a few.

We will also chat with California Correspondent Francis Hamit regarding domestic terrorism in the context of Charlottesville.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 08/15/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will examine in depth healthcare financing through “Single Payor”/”Medicare For All”. This critical push by many activists is an attempt to shift our country to be truly socially conscious, in line with all other developed nations, providing universal healthcare insurance coverage.

Our Featured Guest is Dr. Jim Burdick. Jim draws from his career as an organ transplant surgeon. He has formulated an answer to the question of what can be done for healthcare reform. In his recent book, Talking About Single Payer, he shows how a national health system that uses clinical information with doctors in charge of care decisions can provide coverage for every American while saving money and improving quality. Here is a link to a more complete bio and his book:

Progressive Solutions playlist for 08/08/2017

OUR SHOW - Noon-2PM will spotlight the opiate epidemic, from community and family impact to law enforcement to Big Pharma. We will also view it from a treatment point of view – specifically with cannabinoid bioscience.

Our Featured Guest is Dr. George E. Anastassov, CEO of AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. Prior to that Dr. Anastassov was one of the founders and the CEO of CanChew Biotechnologies, LLC. Dr. Anastassov is also one of the founders of Sanammad Foundation and Sanammad Pharmaceuticals; both companies originated and located in The Netherlands. He is one of the developers of the first-in-the-world cannabinoid-containing chewing gum-based delivery system.

Dr. Anastassov possesses Medical and Dental Doctorates as well as an Executive MBA. He has been recognized in “Who’s Who in Medicine” as well as “Who’s Who in Business Professionals” numerous times. He is the recipient of multiple national and international professional and humanitarian awards. Dr. Anastassov has been actively involved in Research and Development in Medicine and Biotechnologies since 1987.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 07/25/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will be free form progressive activism and issues. We will look at arts and politics and infrastructure among many other topics.

We will speak with both our Senior Florida Correspondent and our Senior California Correspondent for their take on current “events.”

Join us!

Progressive Solutions playlist for 07/11/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will continue our series on the politics of cannabis, this time examining higher education research and programing for cannabis certification and degrees. We will also spotlight the opiate epidemic and the role of Big Pharma and the Koch Brothers.

Our featured guest is Kim Hewitt. Kim Hewitt is an Associate Professor of American History and American Culture at SUNY Empire State College. Her areas of focus include postwar American culture, body studies, consciousness studies, psychiatric history, and drug policy. She is the author of Mutilating the Body: Identity in Blood and Ink and various articles about popular culture, African American culture, and mental illness in Popular Culture Review, Radical History Review, The Senses and Society and an anthology entitled Afro-Asian: Revolutionary Political and Cultural Connections between African and Asian Americans.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 07/04/2017

OUR SHOW TOMORROW TUESDAY July 4, noon-2:00PM will continue our series on the politics of cannabis. We will also examine the pros and cons of a NY State constitutional convention.

Our featured guest is Jerome Dewald. Jerome is an investor, political activist and emerging market pioneer. His firm, Jerome W. Dewald and Associates, was one of the first to establish a presence in Russia after the Berlin Wall came down. He is now on the front lines of the cannabis industry in New York and nationally as an investor and political activist.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 06/20/2017

OUR SHOW TOMORROW Noon Eastern will provide a “Climate Change 101” course for listeners. This will allow us to understand the scientific basics that are ignored by the current power elite to the detriment of our planet. We will also continue our series on cannabis. Our featured guest is Steve Schwartz. Steve is a senior scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory here on Long Island, and principal investigator in the Department of Energy Atmospheric System Research Program. His research centers on the influences of energy related emissions on climate, with a focus on the role of atmospheric aerosols. Steve's full bio and publications list can be found at

Progressive Solutions playlist for 06/13/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will take a look at the long strange trip that cannabis has taken the last 50 years. We will also attempt to organize the various camps that people are migrating towards in a search for clarity and hope (or a rush to the exits) since the Electoral College victory for 45.

Our featured guest is Scott Giannotti. Scott is the Managing Director for the 4th Annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in NYC, June 14-16. Giannotti is best known as the founder of the Cannabis and Hemp Association of New York.

AND … Francis Hamit will help us understand the culture of the so-called US Intelligence Community.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/23/2017

OUR SHOW May 23, Noon-2PM will journey through the multiple-vehicle wreck that is our current events. We will go in depth on the current crisis in Yemen.
Our featured guest is Shireen Al-Adeimi. Shireen, a Yemeni-Canadian-American, is a doctoral candidate and instructor at Harvard University.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/16/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will focus primarily on campus activism here at SBU, Higher Education Administration bloat, the Comey firing, and 45’s “intelligence” blunder.

Our featured guest is Mark Pingreee. Mark is a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Stony Brook University. Before coming to Stony Brook, he received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Utah and a Master's degree also in philosophy from the London School of Economics. He is an educator in the humanities, teaching courses on media and politics, literature and free will, as well as courses on ethics and values. He will be teaching a documentary film course Fall ‘17.
On FB here:

Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/09/2017

OUR SHOW TOMORROW TUESDAY; 12noon-2:00PM will cover many issues, with emphasis on “fake news” and “Russia-gate.”

Our featured guest is investigative reporter Robert Parry. Robert broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. He was awarded the George Polk Award for National Reporting in 1984 and the I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence by Harvard's Nieman Foundation in 2015. He has been the editor of Consortiumnews since 1995. You can read his posts at, and you can find his latest book, "America’s Stolen Narrative", wherever fine books are sold.

Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/02/2017

OUR SHOW TODAY will cover increased progressive activism in response to the 2016 Electoral College results. We will take an in depth look at the demographic impact on politics and culture, with an eye towards the future.

Our featured guest is Ken Gronbach. Ken is a gifted keynote speaker and nationally recognized author, expert and futurist in the field of Demography and Generational Marketing. His most recent book is “Upside – Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead.” Ken will NOT be a downer folks!