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Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/20/2012

New Jazz, New Fusion I am going to go into the Smooth Zone!

Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/06/2012

New Music from Santanna, Kim Manning and more Johnny Winter Giveaways and More. Remembering Herb Reed founder of the Platters.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 03/14/2012

The Mix of Music and Talk.
Interview with Professor Ann Lee.Professor, Speaker, and Author of the book "What the U.S. Can Learn From China"

Cafe`Ali playlist for 02/29/2012

Interview with Z Star Man

Cafe`Ali playlist for 02/15/2012

Remembering Whitney Houston.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/28/2011

Music and Talk. Bernard White Stops by to discuss current events and Future plans for a new truly progressive communication entity.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 08/31/2011

Interview with Bernard White

Cafe`Ali playlist for 08/17/2011

Food and Music Guests Bob Barta and Chef, Author and Restauranteur Tom Schaudel speak with us.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/22/2011

Celebration of 40 years since Whats Going on was recorded. Adele and John Legend Roll in The Deep. Interview with Blues Guitar, Living Legend,Johnny Winter.
Thanks to Tony G.,Ken,Greg,Jack,Joe C.,Chris and every one else Who called when my hands were full. Production Assistance by Kadiga Ali.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 05/25/2011

Cafe` Ali for May25th,2011

Success Against the Odds™


Success Against the Odds™ profiles many successful people who have turned adversity into accomplishment, and teaches how to use these strategies to achieve dreams.

With unemployment at its highest rate ever, more and more single parent households and while more people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, Success Against the Odds™ offers hope amid discouragement. It shows that regardless of your current situation, you have the power to change your life. It not only shows story after story of such successes, but also offers advice to help you see similar results.

This is more than book. It comes with Vonda White’s Success Planner, giving readers the opportunity to turn the book into a daily planning session that reinforces the lessons in the book. The planner offers specific tasks for daily interaction that will lead readers on a direct path to achieving their goals.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 10/13/2010

This that and OTHERS! Classic Soul, R+B, Jazz, Progressive Rock Old Vinyl and more.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/29/2010

Music From my early Childhood Memories
Play-list assistance By Segue Sue

Cafe`Ali playlist for 12/01/2009

Cafe`Ali playlist for 11/24/2009

A Deranged Killer’s Twisted Urges

In the streets of New York City, the Slasher chooses his victim—and makes his move. As he wraps his fingers around the girl’s pretty throat, his power increases. As he carves into her skin, his words become flesh. As he arranges her lifeless body in a loving tableau, his fantasies demand new, more violent sacrifices…

A Profiler’s Cunning Plan
At first, NYPD detectives suspect a jealous boyfriend. But criminal profiler Lee Campbell senses something darker, even ritualistic, about the murder. More chilling, he’s convinced he’s witnessing the genesis of a full-blown serial killer. But time is running out. A new victim has been chosen. Campbell must search the most terrifying recesses of the human mind—and his own past—before the screaming starts again…

Due to be released December 1, 2009
The Author C.E. Lawrence will be Talking about her new Book "Silent Screams" on the next Cafe` Ali.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 10/27/2009

Remembering how the soundtrack made me want to see the movie. The album was better than the movie.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/15/2009

Missing Moms Love. Thoughts for Lister...Eddie Hazel Plays Maggot Brain,Reflecting on his mothers Passing away.

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/08/2009


Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/01/2009

Stuff in my Head Dripping out and into Your ears

Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/09/2009

Free Form