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Country Pocket playlist for 10/18/2016

Brennen Leigh talks a couple of her recent albums and a very political song she did trading barbs with Sunny Sweeney. We endorse someone for president and who it is should not surprise anyone who knows my thoughts on music.

Country Pocket playlist for 09/20/2016

Previews for a few killer shows in the area. Rosanne Cash at the Beacon 9/25 with Marc Cohn, Jackson Browne and Eddie Vedder, Charles Bradley at Radio City 9/28, Cody Jinks at Gramercy 9/23 (I'll be attending) and Monica Rizzio at the Brush Barn in Smithtown 10/7. (I'll be hosting)

Country Pocket playlist for 09/13/2016

Alexander Wright calls in to discuss his new project 2Ton Bridge. The eight tracks on the show today all give looks into the minds of some pretty amazing characters from prisoners to those who have lost in love, but it's really his songs about the working man that resonate most of all. 2Ton Bridge is both the name he performs under and the name of the album. Would Shakespeare listen to country music? Listen in and find out.

Country Pocket playlist for 09/06/2016

Andrea Asprelli from Cricket Tell The Weather discusses her new album, "Tell The Story Right," which was just released today. This is a really good one.

Country Pocket playlist for 09/01/2016

Our final Thursday show features music from our guests in the past 7 months as well as clips from their interviews. From this point forward, catch me on Tuesday at noon!

Country Pocket playlist for 08/25/2016

Cole Quest and the City Pickers call in to talk about their debut album full of raging folk grass covers and original character studies. Next, singles from 5 artists including local favorites Parsonsfield and Cricket Tell The Weather. (Andrea will be the guest during my new time slot on Tuesday, September 6.) Finally, a few songs about wandering souls.

Country Pocket playlist for 08/18/2016

Abby Hollander joins us on a phone call in which I discover the meaning of abstract art. I'm being totally serious. Also, selections from other performers at the Long Island Bluegrass Festival, Guy Clark, and Monica Rizzio

Country Pocket playlist for 08/11/2016

Normally I have an explanation or a theme for my playlist. Today I don't. I'm far too tired from climbing Trump Tower to think of one.

Country Pocket playlist for 08/04/2016

Country Pocket turns Concert Billboard with previews of shows by Whitney Rose (Hill Country BBQ, Brooklyn, Aug 5), Parker Millsap (Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Manhattan, Aug 6) Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (Long Island Museum, Stony Brook, Aug 12), and quite a few acts from the Long Island Bluegrass Festival (Tanner Park, Babylon, Aug 20)

Country Pocket playlist for 07/21/2016

Lots of Michael Daves tunes in anticipation of his show at the Long Island Museum tomorrow. Also a few bluegrass albums I've had on repeat lately and a few political tracks.

Country Pocket playlist for 07/14/2016

Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth promotes the Great South Bay Music Festival ahead of his Sunday performance. Also, sample from the three new albums of the I'm With Her tour.

Country Pocket playlist for 07/07/2016

I'm playing 2 songs a piece from 14 performers from Red Wing Roots music festival in Virginia. I'll be there this weekend perhaps picking up a few interviews along the way. For now, enjoy The Steel Wheels and a few of their friends.

Country Pocket playlist for 07/04/2016

Our 4th of July special celebrates everything beautiful, disappointing and even fantastically bizarre about America. 2hr fill for Velvet Room.

Country Pocket playlist for 06/23/2016

Beth Lee of Beth Lee & the Breakups discusses her new album Keep Your Mouth Shut, Lucinda Williams and Johnny Cash flipping the bird. Then, a replay of Sam Outlaw's appearance from last summer to celebrate his show in Manhattan on Monday.

Country Pocket playlist for 06/16/2016

Bonehart Flannigan performs live, introduces a couple of his tracks and does some guest DJ work because why not make him do almost everything? Preview of his upcoming show with Austin Lucas and Matt Woods and a few of his other favorites.

Country Pocket playlist for 06/09/2016

Promo show for the Summer 2016 SHS/BCLI concert featuring Three Tall Pines and The Meadows Brothers on Saturday June 11, 6:30 PM.
Joe Lurgio of TTP joined me by phone.
Also we're officially at 2 hours for the summer!

Country Pocket playlist for 06/02/2016

Today I did some of my favorite songs from the first 5 months of the year as I prepared for guests the next three weeks. Beth Lee, Bonheart Flannigan, and, next week, Three Tall Pines and/or the Meadows Brothers in preparation for their Smithtown show on Saturday June 11 hosted by yours truly.

Composer and time played listed below as per BMI Logging Time
Three Tall Pines 1:02
The Brothers Comatose 1:06
Charles Bradley 1:10
Monica Rizzio 1:14
Parker Millsap 1:18
Steamboats 1:21
Ian Meadows 1:30
Sean Watkins 1:34
Applewood Road 1:37
Goodbye Blue 1:40
Dori Freeman 1:45
Sierra Hull 1:49
Laney Jones 1:52
Mavis Staples 1:56

Country Pocket playlist for 05/26/2016

This two hour summer edition features the best of May and a re-run of the Red Moon Road show.

Country Pocket playlist for 05/19/2016

This week, we looked back on the extraordinary life of Guy Charles Clark, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 74.

Country Pocket playlist for 05/12/2016

Goodbye Blue stopped by the studio last week and this show is the result of some recordings we made of both music and talk. Also included are tracks from "Worth the Wait," the couple's first album in 9 years and their first under the banner of Goodbye Blue.