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Community Chest playlist for 03/28/2010

An afternoon with composer Martin Loyato

Community Chest playlist for 03/21/2010

The Covers Show

Community Chest playlist for 03/14/2010

GRATEFUL DEAD RADIO all day (still) till MIDNITE

Marc at the wheel of the Bus,

Let's kick off our BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR PHIL with a little local flavor, from the bands first shows at the Nassau Coliseum>> September 8 1973 , a nice chunk of the second set .... super SBD with massive bass and Phil's backing harmonies.

A few days later, (the next shows) are down in Williamsburg VA at William and Mary University .. what makes this show special is the Horn section that joins along to begin the second set. We check that out ....

Our next segment should be called "UnPhiltered" as we explore Phil's composing style with a journey to the Sixth Street Studio Session while rehearsing for Mars Hotel .. we'll examine the evolution of Unbroken Chain & Pride Of Cucamonga.

Early Phil ... OK, how 'bout when he was a College Music Student? May 1959 from a recital of the College of San Mateo Jazz Ensemble and Bigband. Original composition from our featured birthday boy ... Young Phil and his Trumpet.

Community Chest playlist for 03/08/2010

Interview with Andrea Daly featuring tunes from her upcoming album "Moving Through This"

Community Chest playlist for 02/08/2010

ticket give away for "Monterey Jazz Fest. on Tour" at Staller Center for the Arts on 2/14

Community Chest playlist for 12/21/2009

Christmas Remixed Edition 1:30-2:30

Community Chest playlist for 12/14/2009

extended edition 1:30-5:00

Community Chest playlist for 11/12/2009

filling in for Steve K edition