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Overture playlist for 09/10/2019

Overture playlist for 09/03/2019

Overture playlist for 08/27/2019

Overture playlist for 05/14/2019

Fill in by JustRob

Overture playlist for 03/05/2019

"From Deep Sea to Space"
Live interview with John Bouvier;
preview of his Friday evening talk
at Southampton College
(sponsored by Montauk Observatory).

Overture playlist for 01/01/2019

Tune in at 90.1fm or 107.3fm in Suffolk county or stream at
also search for

Captain Phil is filling in for Long Island Liberty with BAM and Progressive solutions on January 1st 2019 from 10am to 2pm. Paul Levinson will be calling on the New Horizons Mission to Ultima Thule and current politics! Then I'll be joined by the host of Destiny's Voice of Science Fiction Howard Margolin to discuss the highs and lows for 2018 and WUSB. Please join us tomorrow at 10am!

Howard Margolin


Overture playlist for 12/25/2018

Charlie J filling in for BAM. Merry Christmas.

Overture playlist for 12/04/2018

Captain Phil doing the fill in thing for BAM! at WUSB this morning at 10am till noon. Check it out as I spin some prog, talk about myself and lay some hot Hanukkah tunes on ya

Overture playlist for 11/06/2018

Captain Phil Filling in for BAM! this election day

Overture playlist for 11/06/2018

Captain Phil Filling in for BAM! this election day

Overture playlist for 12/13/2016

Fill-in by DJ The Village Astrologer

Overture playlist for 12/29/2015

Captain Phil's Planet filling in for BAM and Overture And Long Island Liberty with BAM

Overture playlist for 12/31/2013

Bobanero filling in today, with a 2013 year-in-review show from 11 to 1 then live music in-studio from 1-3.

Overture playlist for 08/07/2012

Bobanero filling in today. Featuring music of Ryan Montbleau, with phone interview in advance of the show at City Winery this afternoon

Overture playlist for 07/31/2012

Habanero filling in for BAM today with some healthcare related programming.

My guests are:

Dr. Walter Rostkowski

Svetlana Sobel

Overture playlist for 07/03/2012

Habanero filling in for BAM!

You can listen to this and other healthcare related programming by visiting www.habaneroinc.com and clicking on Radio Programming.

Email me at habanero@wusb.fm

Overture playlist for 06/12/2012

Habanero filling in again for BAM, and today we're continuing the discussion of the Affordable Care Act and the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of some of the provisions.

You can listen to recordings of this and prior healthcare related broadcasts by going to my website - www.habaneroinc.com and clicking on Radio Programming.

I welcome your comments and suggestions for topics for future healthcare related programming.

Here are links to the information used for today's broadcast.

Current status from a personal story perspective (http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/06/03/us-usa-healthcare-uninsured-id...)

Timeline for ACA phases (thanksobamacare.org/index.php?s=timeline)

5 Reasons Obamacare is Already Good For You (www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/03/28/5-reasons-obamacare-is-already-good-f...)

Seniors and the Affordable Care Act (www.healthcare.gov/news/factsheets/2011/08/seniors.html)

Overture playlist for 06/05/2012

6/5/12 – Overture with BAM (Habanero Filling In)
You can check out other healthcare radio programming by Habanero by going to www.HabaneroInc.com and clicking on Radio Programming.

Any questions, please email me at habanero@wusb.fm and I'll try to include them in future programming.

Boyfriend w/ medical benefits http://www.bofunk.com/video/8666/boyfriend_with_health_benefits.html

Thanks to BAM for letting me do this fillin today. He’ll be back next week.

Read my intro:

You can listen to recordings of this and prior healthcare related broadcasts by going to my website – www.habaneroinc.com and click on radio programming.

Here are some links from the programming today:

Summary of Affordable Care Act legal challenges http://www.hfma.org/Templates/Print.aspx?id=24263

Link to Clark Newhall, MD, JD's website http://www.cnewhall.com/

Link to Neil Siegel article http://articles.philly.com/2012-06-04/news/32007321_1_people-with-preexi...

Link to David Morgan article http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/06/03/us-usa-healthcare-uninsured-id...

Overture playlist for 05/29/2012

Habanero filling in for Brother Nick and BAM this morning.

Mix of music and news.

Overture playlist for 01/03/2012

Habanero here, filling in for BAM today.

You can reach me at habanero@wusb.fm

We'll talk about healthcare, with a perspective towards patients and medical providers.

The theme today is, Music is Good for the Soul!

Our theme song, Boyfriend with (healthcare) Benefits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCw_UoRhTUk

Mary Pat Whaley FACMPE http://www.managemypractice.com/