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Epoch playlist for 04/09/2015

Promoting Long Island Music Bundle Groupees.com/LIMB Also Diamond Jig, Whole Sum, and Miss Jean and the Lovecats at Velvet Lounge 4/18

Epoch playlist for 03/26/2015

Guest Trumpeters Zach Silberschlagg and Ed Fox of the Stony Brook Wind Ensemble
Debut of GY!BE's new album

Epoch playlist for 02/26/2015

Late Start: 3:15

Special Guest Whole Sum

Epoch playlist for 01/19/2015

last minute dead air fill in Monday morning 1:30 am. Renaissance Marathon.

Epoch playlist for 01/15/2015

The Lamb (Mostly) Live - my remixed version of the live version of the lamb from 1998's Genesis Archive 1967-75. 40th Anniversary of Shrine Auditorium Jan 1975 performance.

Epoch playlist for 01/01/2015

Gamehendge - New Years Edition (Abridged)

Epoch playlist for 11/27/2014

Thanksgiving Show

Epoch playlist for 11/20/2014

Steve Hackett Interview

Epoch playlist for 11/06/2014

Steve Hackett Interview announcement and councert prep, Genesis marathon.

Epoch playlist for 10/23/2014

Gamehendge Halloween Edition (Without Pre-recorded Narrations)

Epoch playlist for 09/11/2014

Remembering Sept 11th 2001 (Remember a Day, Gates of Delerium performance Sept 2001 at Radio City Music Hall)

Epoch playlist for 08/29/2014

Fill in for Rockin' Iration 7-9pm
First half hour was movie talk with Jesse and Rabia