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Epoch playlist for 01/19/2015

last minute dead air fill in Monday morning 1:30 am. Renaissance Marathon.

Epoch playlist for 01/15/2015

The Lamb (Mostly) Live - my remixed version of the live version of the lamb from 1998's Genesis Archive 1967-75. 40th Anniversary of Shrine Auditorium Jan 1975 performance.

Epoch playlist for 01/01/2015

Gamehendge - New Years Edition (Abridged)

Epoch playlist for 11/27/2014

Thanksgiving Show

Epoch playlist for 11/20/2014

Steve Hackett Interview

Epoch playlist for 11/06/2014

Steve Hackett Interview announcement and councert prep, Genesis marathon.

Epoch playlist for 10/23/2014

Gamehendge Halloween Edition (Without Pre-recorded Narrations)

Epoch playlist for 09/11/2014

Remembering Sept 11th 2001 (Remember a Day, Gates of Delerium performance Sept 2001 at Radio City Music Hall)

Epoch playlist for 08/29/2014

Fill in for Rockin' Iration 7-9pm
First half hour was movie talk with Jesse and Rabia

Epoch playlist for 08/28/2014

Last show in the Thursday 2:30 - 5 pm show

Epoch playlist for 08/26/2014

Fill in 12:30 to 1 pm slot

Epoch playlist for 08/15/2014

Fill in 4 AM to 8 AM for Cool Down and Whatever Floats Your Boat

Epoch playlist for 08/14/2014

In The Court of the Crimson King Steven Wilson Remix. Discussing Robin Williams suicide with special guest Manny Erias.

Epoch playlist for 08/03/2014

AllOne CD Release party at the Velvet Lounge
Fill in 12 am Sunday morning.

Epoch playlist for 07/31/2014

Studio version of Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Centre of the Earth from the new box set. Some tracks from the new Yes and Opeth albums and an appearance by Derick and Stu from Aquacherry as well some guys from the South Shore music festival.