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Finn's Revolution Playlists

Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/23/2009

Congrats to Walter who will be scoping the movie "Away We Go" in Huntington this weekend, check it: www.cinemaartscentre.org Thanks to all callers & listeners!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/16/2009

Long Island Roller Rebels roller derby team in the house.....plus it's freakin' Bloooomsday!! congrats to Allison & Jay who both won tix to see the LI Roller Rebels on July 11 in Bethpage, check it: www.longislandrollerrebels.com . check pics & info @ http://finnsrevolution.blogspot.com
Thanks to all callers & listeners! RIP Bob Bogle of The Ventures - more Ventures next week...

Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/09/2009

Special guest JOHN HAMPSON of Nine Days fame performing songs from his new record "Shiny New Album", congrats to Brad who won a copy of the CD! check it: www.myspace.com/johnhampson , congrats to Kyle who'll be scoping Summer Camp Cinema in Huntington this Saturday night: www.cinemaartscentre.org , and thanks to all listeners & callers! NEXT WEEK: the roller derby girls from the LONG ISLAND ROLLER REBELS!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/26/2009

Special in-studio interview & performance by singer-songwriter NICK SHATARAH, dig it: www.myspace.com/nickshatarah . Thanks to all callers & listeners!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/19/2009

Thanks to all listeners & callers! Congrats to Paula who will be checking out Fight Club & Crash at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington this Saturday night, check it: www.cinemaartscentre.org

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/12/2009

Thanks to all callers, & congrats to Fred who'll be enjoying Summer Camp Cinema @ The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, check it: www.cinemaartscentre.org . RIP Fifi Dakota, and thanks to Babs, Al & Ian who joined us in the studio for a tribute.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 04/28/2009

Thanks to all callers & listeners. Congrats to Wayne & Zak who'll be checking out The Midnight Meat Train & The Funhouse @ The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington this Saturday night! check it: http://www.cinemaartscentre.org/ ; & to Lee who'll be rockin' to Pennywise at Terminal 5 on May 16th! http://terminal5nyc.com/ ; remember, kids: Honor Thy Pledge!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 04/24/2009

Technothon '09!!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 04/14/2009

Thanks to all pledgers! Join Finn this Saturday night at Connolly Station in Malverne for a special benefit show for the ALEX CRANK Memorial Scholarship Fund. More info in the blog: finnsrevolution.blogspot.com

Finn's Revolution playlist for 04/07/2009

Thanks to all Radiothon pledgers & callers!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/31/2009

Thanks to all pledgers! Congrats to Brendan who'll be scoping Lez Zeppelin on May 14 @ Webster Hall!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/17/2009

MacGowanfest on Paddy's Day! Thanks to all callers, and, please, listen responsibly......

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/09/2009

thanks to my guests, artists Damon Tomolino, Owens & Stelios, part of the collective show THE PLAYROOM @ Gallery 4222 in Port Jeff, check it: www.gallery4222.com . thanks to all callers!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 03/03/2009

Thanks to all callers, including Paul, Harry, Steve, Linda, Debbie & our own Mr. Edison!

Finn's Revolution playlist for 01/06/2009

Thanks Paul, Sue, Jay & WUSB's own DJ's Steve K & Eve for the calls. Join us Wednesday, January 7th @ Bobbique's in Patchogue for a tribute to Sam Taylor.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 12/30/2008

FINN lets you know the stuff you oughta have so your friends think you're cool - yes, it's the BEST MUSIC OF 2008 (more or less)! also, a tribute to the late, great ALEX CRANK

Finn's Revolution playlist for 12/23/2008

Finn's Holiday Grab Bag! Next week: Finn clues you in on the best albums of '08

Finn's Revolution playlist for 12/09/2008

Catch the group show "Winter" at Gallery 4222 ( www.gallery4222.com ) featuring our guest OWENS; thanks to Steve, Amy, Jeff, Sue, WUSB's own Joe C, and everyone else who called in!