Oprah's Handbag playlist for 03/04/2011

Reading RainbowI See Light
Is/IsPretty Girl
Fergus & GeronimoThe World Never Stops
Air WavesLightning
BabiesSick Kid
Dizzy EyesLet's Break Up The Band
Big SearchGetting Warm
Idle TimesDon't Believe It/Xtina
Idle TimesThere You Go
Indian WarsBullfrog
RadiansBad People
La SeraSleeptalking
Fergus & GeronimoMichael Kelly
Fergus & GeronimoNever Satisfied
Total SlackerPsychic Mesa
Eternal SummersDisciplinarian
Eternal SummersEternal
Thee HeadcoatsDavey Crockett
Tim CohenDon't Give Up
Hunx and His PunxLover's Lane
Shimmering StarsEast Van Girls
BazookaMonkey Town
ThermalsI Let It Go
ThermalsAlone, a Fool
ThermalsNow We Can See
ThermalsLet Your Earthquake Baby
ThermalsLiquid In, Liquid Out
Silk FlowersChance
Angelo SpencerL'Argent Pt II

Weatherman G-lo