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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 03/01/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Cool JerksDance Little GirlInternational lp*Soundflat
Derrell Felts & the ConfederatesPlaymates7"Dixie
Junior Marvel & the Hi-FlyersBop Pretty BabyStompin' At The Hillbilly Boogie BarnRundell
WildebeestsOne Step Ahead Of MeGnus Of Gnaverone*Dirty Water
Boys Next DoorMasturbation GenerationThe Lost And Brave Exhibitions Of...*il Cane Lento
Eddy Current Suppression RingT.A.L.O.I.G.A.7"*Distort
DragtonesCount To TenDrag!*Wild
Delta BombersHowlin'Howlin'Wild
Wise GuysReally RocketDon't Touch My Greasy Hair*El Toro
Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm RockersMy Little Sister's Got A MotorbikeOur Own Way Of Rockin'*Charly
DogmaticsSex Bomb1981-86Shredder
Radio CityLove And A Picture7"*Media Wave/1977
Bloodshot BillIt's Too LateAll Messed Up*Hog Maw
Pat CapocciDelinquent BeatDelinquent Beat*Press Tone
Shangri-LasBull DogLeader Of The PackRed Bird
Girls At DawnBack To You7"*Tic Tac Totally
Mr. Bonz One Man BandShe's My GirlWreck On The Highway*Bamboo
ToyotasI Can't Dance7"*P.Trash
Twilight RanchersNo Shoes BoogieWho Stole That Train*Cow Island
Eddie CochranStocking And Shoes7"Liberty
King NormalsMeanest Girl In Town7"Hillsdale
Jack Of HeartMarry Me7"*Perpetrator
Jacen BruceHot Baby LoverSiren*Dial M
IrritonesWe Are The Negative DotsNegative Dots*P.Trash
Les OlivensteinsJe Suis Negatifs/t*Born Bad
KidnappersMilkshake...Will Protect You*Alien Snatch
MinivansShake Me My Shakes Away7"*Oi The Boat
Subtle TurnipsWhere Have All the Surf Boys Gone7"Black And Noir
Final SolutionsGirls Say F.S.7"Jeth-Row
SecretsTeenage Rampages/tBomb
Folded ShirtRetard HoedownF/S*Fashionable Idiots
Guitar WolfEgypt RockJet SatisfactionKioon
AchtungsI've Had Enoughdemo*no label
PairsFragile Bdemo*no label
Lee Van CleefVirgin Por Delante, Martir Por Detras7"*Blondes Must Die
RocksKamikaze TwistYou'r So BoringDropkick
Berlin BratsI'm PsychoticBelieve It Or Rot*Ratchet Blade
RF7Act Of Defiance7"Smoke 7
Estrogen HighsKings Run Errands For MeCycles*Safety Meeting
Russian RoulettesSeptember GirlR&R*P.Trash
Women In PrisonKill Komme KopsCasual Victim Pile II*12XU
GizmosJust A Little InsaneNevermind The Gizmosm Here's The GizmosGulcher
PheromoansI'm Through With The Wedgie Cubist7"Yakisakana
Chopper ChicksCherry Pops/t*Mis Cojones Underground
CruddyIncendiaryCasual Victim Pile II*12XU
Ty SegallDon't Talk To MeLive In Aisle Five*Southpaw
Juanita y los FeosYaha BebeRobot Gigante AvanzandoGramaciones Grabofonicas
Two TearsEat People7"*Kind Turkey
NugsDo The Nuggetdemo*no label
ZymoticsOh My TicAd ViceMangrove
KidsBloody Belgiums/tPhillips
ChemicalsYou're A Drag/BrainsChemical Livin'*Johnny Cat
Wheels On FireGo Give Your Love AwayLiar, Liar*Alien Snatch
Moralens VaktareRaka Ror7"*Ken Rock
NobunnyMonster KissRaw Romance*Burger
Red MassFirst Time Is A BitchMongrel Zine #9*Mongrel
Trent Fox & the TenantsSounds Fine To Me7"*Kind Turkey
Happy KidsHey!7"*Trash
Hard OnsThe Girl In The Sweater7"Waterfront
MachinesEverything's Technical7"*Wax/1977
Brain F≠So Dim7"*Grave Mistake
GaggersOut Of Your Mind7"*Bowery/No Front Teeth
Manic AttractsFeel Like I'm DeadEyes Wide Shut*Dead Beat
Black JaspersI Can't Stand The Summer7"*Slovenly
Stalins Of SoundGenocide Erection7"*Volar
Just UrbainBurning7"*Savage Music/540
SedativesS.E.D.A.T.I.V.E.S.7"*Taken By Suprise
Charlie & the SkunksPay No Attention To Time7"*Eradicator
Real NumbersTear It In Two7"*Florida's Dying

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