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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 02/01/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Chuck HowardCrazy Crazy Baby7"Sand
Johnny CarrollCrazy Little MamaRock Baby Rock ItBear Family
PanicBaby Please13*Universe/Sing Sing
RoversIchi-Bon Tami Dachi7"Music City
Nick & the JaguarsIchi-Bon # 17"Motown
Garbo's DaughterTwo Faces Have I7"*Surfin' Ki
TinopenersI Want YouRip Off Records*Sing Sing
Warren SmithMiss Froggie7"Sun
KaisersShe Can't Do The Wiki Waki WuWishing StreetImperial Wireless
CobrasI Wanna Be Your Love7"Big Beat
SonicsHitch HikeBoomJerden
CadillacCold LoveEs Chaos Is Die Botschaft!*Luziprak
Charlie & the SkunksOh La La La La7"*Eradicator
Ramma LammaBig Street Time7"*FDH
Black TimeGirls In The Garage7"Bancroft
Floyd Dakil ComboKitty Kitty7"Earth
Johnny Barber & the Rhythm RazorsDial 000Cut Close*Rockabilly Record Company
Ronnie Hayward TrioDarlin' Why Do You DoLivin' The Low LifeTail
Proto IdiotHurt Me/Hurt YouStill Stupid*Red Lounge
Alright AlreadiesDeep EndPriority Male Tape*no label
Just UrbainBurning7"*Savage Music/540
Gibson BrosHot Dog...Build A Raft*Columbus Discount
UsersKicks In Style7"*Warped/1977
Peach Kelli PunkEenie Meenie Minie Mos/t*Capitalicide
I.V. EyesThey Saved Teri's Tube7"*Rubber Vomit
Young CanadiansFuck Your SocietyNo EscapeZulu
Midnight SnaxxxJackiedemo*no label
Moralens VaktareRaka Rordemo*no label
Hard OnsEveryone Seems Out To Get YouAlfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die*Boss Tunage
Young IdentitiesLet's All Have Convulsions7"*Savage Music/540
Blank ItsStill See YouHappy AccidentsEmpty
SlugfuckersCacophonyThree Feet Behind The Glass*Insolito
LouderIdiot Mind7"*no label
RF7Chainsaw Love Affair7"*Smoke 7
BlitzzGo Now7"*EMI/Sing Sing
John Wesely ColemanShut Up And Love Her7"*Sick Thought
Princes Of PeaceX-Ray Proved7"no label
First BaseI Saw Her First7"*Ric Rac
Vex Ruffin & the Lo-Fi JerkheadsVolcano7"*Black Gladiator
Russian RoulettesOutta ControlR&R*P.Trash
Wyld MammothsDo Da Do DaGo Baby GoCrypt
Straight ArrowsRunnin' WildIt's Happening*Juvenile
Rocket ReducersBleed For Mes/t*Kick Yer Butt
Slickee BoysPut A Bullet Through The Jukebox7"Limp
Sneaky PinksI Can't Wait7"Rubber Vomit
Ty SegallHappy Creeps7"*453
HipshakesI'm Alright7"*Slovenly
Electric DeadsKitchen Poet7"*Electro Static/Noise And Distortion
Anteenagers MCWhat's Wrong With You... & Happy FamilySDZ
Gestapo KhaziOpen House7"*no label
Serious TracersThe French7"*Sick Thought
Sulpher LightsLittle Pills7"*no label
RantoulsShe's A RebelIn The Village Of The Rantoul*Chocolate Covered
TranzmitorsJimmy's At The Mod Shop7"*Meaty Beaty
FilthDon't Hide Your Hate7"Plurex
XWe're Desperate7"Dangerhouse
Ugly DucklingsNothin'7"Yorktown
Reasons WhyDon't Be That Way7"Sound Track
Boy ToysIn And Out Of Lovedemo*no label
Dead GhostsWhat To Dos/t*Florida's Dying
Golden ErrorRefuse Me7"*Hard Sell
Electric CrushSpeed DemonDropouts In A Drug Haze*Black Gladiator
CarbonasTypical Jerkoffs/tRaw Deluxe
TyvekPricks In A CarNothing Fits*In The Red
Deaf WishHate YouMercy*Radio
Parting GiftsStaringStrychnine Dandelions*In The Red
ExcaliburSweet Little GirlEs Chaos Is Die Botschaft!*Luziprak
TopplersSlave TrainFM-BX Society Tape 001*SS
Mind SpidersNo.3s/t*Dirtnap
Don KingsThe Claw7"*Kato

put a bullet through the jukebox!