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The Outer Library playlist for 01/05/2011

Golden AxeSexual Angel*
White FenceWho Feels Right*
Soft PowersPlastic Future Smiles
PonetagOnly With You*
Kap BambinoNew Breath
The BabiesRun Me Over*
Cloud NothingsUnderstand at All*
Mind SpidersNo Romance*
Candi an the StrangersNice Regrets*
CreepDays (Azari III Remix)*
Ghost AnimalIn Your Room (Golden Axe Remix)*
Von HazeOutside the Night
Soft PowersMary Never Sings Our Song
Ice Cream ShoutMarianne*
Prince RannRaghupati
PlugDon't Forget It*
Girl UnitWut*
Dirty BeachesLord Knows Best*
Models Cant Fu**Ghost Kind*
CreepDays (Feat Romy)
Echo Lakein Dreams
Work DrugsThird Wave
The GhostTo Like You
White HinterlandLucky Cloud (Arthur Russell Cover)

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