On Air

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/06/2010

sugar hill gangapache
eric b and rakimmicrophone feind
special edthink about it
masta acegood ole love
main sourcelookin at the front door
little brotherlovin it
little brotherthe beginning
roots blue phontethe day*
vinny paz feat ra the rugged mannosebleed*
lmno feat kev brownya know*
apollo brown rapper big pooh black milkhungry*
heart and brain/superstition/akrobatikserious*
cutsupreme feat dox boogieheat the block up*
cutsupreme feat melatone and sargonif i was to hit ya*
cook classics sean pstreet life*
kev brown yuthe marvelous*
buck shot 9th wonderthe ghetto
james brownhot pants

cutsupreme fillin in for soul glo bistro we played original joints rappers sampled from and the hiphop joint that sampled it...we only list on here the hiphop joint....cant give up the secret sauce lol