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Captain Phil & DJ Eve celebrate Star Trek TMP 40th Anniversary!

WUSB Pledgers Captain Phil is still willing to take pledges during his show. Any credit card pledge for $20 gets a CD thank you!

My Co-Host for this event, legendary WUSB DJ, DJ Eve!

Calling in at 3:10pm Daren R. Dochterman (http://www.betafive.com/BETAFIVECOM/index.html) who worked with director Robert Wise as Supervisor of Visual Effects for the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Calling in at 3:50pm Susan Sackett (http://www.insidetrek.com/Welcome) production associate on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Assistant to the late Gene Roddenberry during the production of Star Trek The Motion Picture we'll talk about her time on set and the projects that eventually led to Star Trek becoming a Movie franchise.

At 4:15 we'll be hearing from our favorite trekkers Cmdr Roy and Lt Cmdr MaryBeth of the Star Trek Set Tours (https://www.startrektour.com/) in Ticonderoga NY talk about their personal recollections of Star Trek The Motion picture

Finally at 4:35 We'll hear from Michael Shilling of the Shore Leave convention talk about his time in Star Trek fandom and Star Trek The Motion Picture!

For more information, visit Captain Phil's Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/557841391428141/