Spiney Norman playlist for 04/17/2019

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
residentsMoles are Coming
Dukes of StratosphearMole from the ministry
MolesWe are the moles
RuptureMole in the Ground
DickiesAttack of the Mole Men
Bobby LovelessNite Owl
tren-dellsNite Owl
James Taylor and the flying MachineNite Owl
Tony AllenNite Owl
DukaysNite Owl
Howard TateNight Owl
Bobby ParisNight Owl
Ral DonnerNite Owl
Wilson PickettNight Owl
The ClarendoniansNight Owl
Cliff EdwardsNight Owl
johnny MercerPossum Song
Roy WilsonFive Pounds of Possum
George JonesPlaying Possum
John GaryPossum Song
Barbara CarlottiMademoiselle Opossum
The MomentsRocky Raccoon
Rudy Valle and the Yale MenDoin' The Raccoon
smokehouse davecoontail boogie
shadowscoon can annie
nature zonePorcupine
Youth Gone MadPorcupine
Red FoxIt's Fun to Be Living in the Crazy House
Cackle SistersWhiporwill
Gary and the WombatsSo Tough
WombatI'm Getting On In Life
Cab CallowaySkunk Song
Donny LeeSkunk Ape
Louden Wainwright IIIDead Skunk
the skunksI recommend Her
Dead KennedysI am the Owl