Workhorse Radio playlist for 03/25/2019

Led Zeppelinthats the way
Elton Johnbenny and the jets
The Rolling Stonestorn and frayed
Elton Johnfuneral for a friend
Patti Smith Groupso you want to be a rock and roll star
Dionne Warwickalfie
Patti Smith Groupwe three
Led Zeppelingood times bad times
jan and deanthe little old lady from passadena
The Dixie Cupschapel of love
johnny winter and livejumpin jack flash
the gore gore girlsall growed up
the gore gore girlsyou lied to me before
Johnny Cashfive feet high and rising
Jimi Hendrix Experiencevoodoo child
Kerry Kearney Bandfireplug
Peggy Leehey big spender
pat benatarjust like me
William Shatnermiss united states
Grace Jonesuse me
the paybackswhen im gone
Elton Johnborder song
joan jett and the blackheartsandrogynous
the paybacksbright side