Bob Duffy playlist for 09/15/2018

edeschi Trucks BandAngel From Montgomery
The Five Blind Boy of AlabamaI'l Fly Away
Martin BarreLone Wolf*
Martin BarreBad Core Blues*
Lance LopezTell The Truth*
Martin BarreThis is My Driving Song*
Lance LopezDown To one Bar*
Lance LopezThe Real Deal*
Electric MudFlames*
Paul Mc CartneyFuh You*
The PersuasionsI still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
John Legend and The RootsWake Up Everybody
Robert Berry/Keith EmersonPowerful Man*
DJALIRobert Berry Interview
Greg KihnJeopardy
ELPWelcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends
Sammy HagarI can't Drive 55
GREG KIHN BANDBig Pink Flamingos
3.2What Your Dreaming of Now*
3.2Somebody's Watching*
Michael FranksThe Music in My Head*
Buddy GuyCognac*
Michael FranksWhere You Hid the Truth*
Michael FranksThe Music in My Head*
Oak Ridge BoysPray To Jesus*
Buddy GuyWhiskey For Sale*
Johnny WinterLeland Mississippi
Jimi HendrixWait Until Tomorrow
Johnny WinterMiss Ann
Jimi HendrixCastles Made of Sand
Van Morison and Joey De FrancescoClose enough For Jazz*
Joe Louis WalkerWade In The Water

From his breakthrough work with Bay Area stalwarts, Hush, to his dramatic leap to international renowned with ´3´ featuring Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer, to his performances with the legendary Ambrosia, combined with his long running project - Alliance, with members of Boston, Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger, to the December People, along with his consistent rise as a much in demand record producer, purveyor of the low end and songwriter with the Greg Kihn Band, the music never stops. Most recently the he's the heart and soul behind the new 3.2 album, the the long awaited follow up album to 3's 'The Power of Three', which features contributions from Keith Emerson . Proving again that there is never a dull moment in Robert´s world.