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Spiney Norman playlist for 06/13/2018

Louis Armstrongi'll be glad when you're dead
Norma Tanegayou're dead
Robyn Hitchcockit sounds great when you're dead
louis jordanjack, you're dead
Muddy WatersYou're Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Dead and Gone)
McGuinness Flintwhen i'm dead and gone
Robyn Hitchcockwhen i was dead
randy newmanI'm Dead (But I Don't Know It)
L7pretend we're dead
zombina and the skeletonesnobody likes you when you're dead
jimmy burgettthe living dead
ned bachusthe body in the bag
o'hegartythe body in the bag
los wawancoel conductor
Dead Boltconductor
Snooky Pryorstop the train conductor
the leaguehey conductor
BYRON G. HARLANPlease, Mr. Conductor, Don't Put Me Off The Train
cousin harleyhey conductor man
sandy powellSandy The Tram Conductor
peter lee sterlinghey conductor man
doctor claytonhold that train conductor
Johnny Cashhey porter
sonny flahartyhey conductor
Sonny Flahartyteenage warchant
sonny flahartycoconut stomp
Sonny Flahartymy baby's casual
Sonny Flahartywhen i close my eyes
Sonny FlahartyCan't buy my soul
Sonny Flahartywhole lot of shakin going on
Sonny Flahartyhello, come on in
aart browerhey pssst
Sir Winston and the Commonswe're gonna love
Murphy & the Mobborn loser
demons of negativityresurection